Ford Confirms Mach 1 Performance Electric SUV For 2020 Launch

4 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 22

Ford offered no details on the Mach 1 electric SUV beyond what’s found in the video above, but one Ford exec did add some statements.

Ford executive Jim Farley teased the Mach 1 by asking: “What happens when this,” the roar of an internal combustion engine is played in the background, “meets an e-racer acceleration?”

He added: “Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul?”

It’s believed that the Mach 1 electric SUV will be of the long-range variety, and will become Ford’s first such offering in this segment.

Ford had previously hinted at a 300-mile electric SUV in 2020, so we’re now led to believe the Mach 1 is the same offering.

Hopefully we’ll get some more details from the grounds of the NAIAS soon.

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22 responses to "Ford Confirms Mach 1 Performance Electric SUV For 2020 Launch"

  1. Brian D says:

    Interesting that they chose the Explorer to indicate inspiration. It’s a large SUV (unibody) with 3 rows of seating.

    I’d like the Mach 1 to be that big with seating for 7, but I’m guessing they selected it over the Edge solely due to name recognition, not to dictate size. So the Mach 1 will probably be a 5 passenger setup when it arrives.

  2. Warren says:

    And how expensive will these bloody things be, with presumably 100 kWh of battery?

    1. Robb Stark says:

      Ford has repeatedly thrown shade at Tesla (Model X) and has repeatedly said its BEV CUV will be “mass market price.”

      1. Warren says:

        Aah! CUV, so a tall, square car.

  3. John says:

    I’m excited. I have owned a 2005 Escape hybrid, and a 2013 Cmax Energi. I’m looking for an EV with the utility of a hatch, like the Escape. I have a reservation on a Tesla model 3, but it has a trunk and costs $50K+ when equipped. I am also not a fan of the model 3 “no controls” dashboard. I hope Ford hits the mark with the Mach 1 EV SUV, in time to compete with Tesla model Y.

  4. Nix says:

    I like the sounds of the product they are promoting, but are they intentionally trying to anger their core customer base by using the Mach 1 brand?

    I appreciate that they are trying to show that their EV isn’t some pokey golf cart. But now they are just baiting their long time fans to whine and complain about the use of the Mach 1 name. Heck, there are still people who don’t like that Ford used the Mach 1 name for the 1974 Mustang II Mach 1 because it only had a V6 engine, who say it isn’t a “real” Mach 1.

    I’m not looking forward to the backlash.

    1. DL says:

      Those people are all dead or will soon be…

      1. Robb Stark says:

        Those people are not buying an all electric CUV.

        So F them.

    2. J P DeCaen says:

      Core customer base? Does the average Ford buyer have any idea what the original Mach One was? I hope not since it was a pig of a car anyways. What an embarrassment. Times change, thankfully.

  5. Brandon says:

    When they say coming 2020, does that mean it’ll be out in 24 months from now, or 35? In other words, possibly at the very end of 2019, as a MY2020, or the end of 2020, as a MY2021?
    I always wonder when I hear announced dates like this. Probably not one way of the other consistently.

    1. Warren says:

      Don’t worry. The markets will crash long before any of these companies have to deliver.

    2. CDAVIS says:

      @Brandon said: “When they say coming 2020, does that mean it’ll be out in 24 months from now, or 35?…”

      Likely it means around end of 2020 Ford will public reveal a “production intent” Mach 1 SUV with consumer production starting sometime 2-3 years after that… so earliest consumer available in late 2022.

      1. CDAVIS says:

        It’s likely the Tesla Model Y (SUV version of Tesla Model 3) will be in full production a couple of years before the Ford Mach 1 SUV enters production.

        … and the Tesla Model Y will have access to a convenient & reliable supercharger network for those occasional long distance trips… the Ford EV will not.

  6. Merv says:

    “Can a battery electric vehicle stir the soul?”

    That’s kind of a turn off. Some of us prefer EVs, and feel no need to apologize for them.

  7. Martin T. says:

    I believe all people should buy x1 New Ford vehicle in a life time to realize how bad a total ownership experience can get and then enjoy other purchases. 🙂

    1. G2 says:

      Can’t we just learn vicariously from those who have had such bad experience? 😉

    2. 2013Volt says:

      Eh, I have owned a couple F150s including the one I have now and I work them very hard. They have been rock solid reliable.

  8. John says:

    Hey, shocker- “2-3 years from now..”

    It’s absolutely laughable how the most popular trend in EV automotive is to project out everything to a date that will never happen.

  9. u_serious? says:

    F Ford!

    Sh1tti3st cars I have ever owned.

  10. Damocles Axe says:

    Mach 1 – Oh, so very 1947…

    Couldn’t they come up with something at least slightly to do with electricity?

    1. Michael G says:

      Ernst Mach was a physicist who worked with electric shock waves as well as sound waves. So they did.

  11. mtefre says:

    Well now, Ford. How about a rendering or a glimpse of a prototype? Hurry hurry… 😀

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