First Official Look At Faraday Future’s Prototype Electric Car – Video


Faraday Future Electric Car

Faraday Future Electric Car

It’s just a brief glimpse, but this is the first official look we get at Faraday Future’s prototype electric car.

Faraday Future states:

“Electric performance; a first look at our prototype in action. Things are moving fast.”

From the video, it appears as though Faraday’s upcoming electric car based upon this prototype will be a large-sized hatchback / CUV. If true, this is a relatively untouched segment for plug-ins and Faraday could grab hold of most of the segment.

Here’s what else we know of Faraday Future’s upcoming electric car:

Faraday Future Electric Car

Faraday Future Electric Car

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Too bad I’m not remotely interested in a crossover. I’ll keep an eye on the company if they decide to produce anything else but crossovers. That and Faraday Future has to sell direct to consumers. Tesla has raised the bar with that.

No falcon wing doors nor fancy hiding door handles, it might actually have a chance of working and selling.

Yea,It Might have a chance if they ever pay their bills!

It doesn’t look much like the supercar I was expecting. Maybe it will actually be affordable. An all electric for around $50K and with a 200+ mile range would sell well.

My fear is that it will be priced in the stratosphere, probably because of a lot of unnecessary “cowbell”.

Chinese Cowbell is amazingly cheap, though…

Hey , Why buy the cow , if you can Ring the COW’s Bell for free…l o l

Only the funding is coming from China. Engineering/mfg is being done here.

This explains why they have unpaid bills…

Good to see a newcomer to the segment, Bolt is close to hitting the road, Peugeot is poised to electrify its 2008, later on Tesla will most likely announce its Model Y. It’s really gonna be crowded market fragment once Renault decides to follow the suite and throws the electric motor into its Captur.

Does this also suffer door fetish? If not, it could eat into Tesla X sales for non-cult members.

I’m kinda getting a pot-kettle vibe!?

how do u mean?

Implication is that you’re part of the Spark EV cult. 🙂

SparkEV is no cult. It is an EV messiah sent to tell the world of the good news that affordable EV doesn’t have to suck and they can drive hundreds of miles a day with DCFC. Just look at its history.

It was conceived of virgin mother, Spark Gas; it looks almost exactly like its mother. The wise men and women behind it are GM engineers, the smartest group of people in the world when it comes to EV. Some might even say they are other worldly smart and that they were touched by the divine inspiration in creating SparkEV.

Now SparkEV is going through death, thanks to GM management Centurians and ill-conceived EV tax credit. But fear not, there will be a revival around summer 2018 when many start to come off lease from huge spike in sales Apr. 2015 lessees.

The second coming many years later will bring forth a world of EV paradise where even low cost EV will dominate over devils that spew noxious gas from depths of hell.

If these aren’t signs that SparkEV is to be worshipped, I don’t know what is. Praise be SparkEV! 🙂

That is just a small televangelist sect.

You mean like the guy from 2000 years ago during his time?

I didn’t realize the Sermon on the Mount was televised. What channel was it on? 😉

Have to admit, a CUV would be nice! Not sure I would buy from an untested company as we all know the issues Tesla ran in to, which to their credit they resolved well and at no cost to the consumer, but I need me some reliability!!

400,000 people put $1000 deposits on a car that is two years away but no one really knows what it totally is…if that is not a “following” I don’t know what is.

Great. Every company making an EV counts. And in this case it’s a potential EV giant (or possible a crash and burn failure) so let’s hope for the best.

Exciting times…

I thought the concept car they previous showed was going to be their car? So many people here were convinced of that, and ridiculed and laughed at them.

I tried to tell everyone “concept car”, but no it fell on deaf years, and they were convinced they were right.

Now comes denial and claims of Tesla doing it better, etc.

Revisionist history. Everyone WANTED to see a production ready BEV from them. What we got instead at their reveal, was a freakishly impractical high concept prototype that no one asked for. Not even Batman.

That’s why everyone but you (aparently) laughed at FF’s initial efforts.

That said, FF’s Model X Clone shown in this video still leaves me feeling “meh”.

That’s one way to spin things.

I did not laugh, anymore than I laugh at all the countless unrealistic concept cars that have been shown over the years by other auto manufacturers, cause I understand what it is. It’s a “CONCEPT” car!

But generally speaking, concept cars will actually move under their own power. Or if not that, then they will at least have front wheels that can be steered.

What Faraday Future called a “concept car” failed on both counts. An empty shell with wheels bolted on isn’t a real car, it’s just a pretend one.

A concept car didn’t fit the false narrative that many people tried to create for Faraday Future.

Again, revisionist history. FF was spinning it’s own narrative in the US Media for exciting FF Branded BEVs, and yet, didn’t actually meet the expectations they created before showing their flop of an impractical electrified Batmobile.

sven said:

“…the false narrative that many people tried to create for Faraday Future.”

Nobody needed to help FF with that; it did just fine on its own.

And it still is; see above claims for “the highest energy density ever in a production automotive battery”… as though that would somehow make the car “better”, instead of just more expensive than it needs to be.

AlphaEdge said: “I thought the concept car they previous showed was going to be their car? So many people here were convinced of that, and ridiculed and laughed at them.” I think you completely misunderstand the reaction from most people posting on the subject. We ridiculed the non-functional faux prototype “batmoble” precisely because we knew that if they did manage to make a mass produced EV, it wouldn’t even remotely resemble that ridiculous mockup! AlphaEdge, go back and read the very first article about Faraday Future on InsideEVs. That said their plan was to make cars here in the USA to sell in China. Who in their right mind would believe that any company could make money by mass producing producing a single-seater “supercar” race car to sell in China? And then read the second article… and note the tone of dismay from the InsideEVs writer(s), after it became clear that most or all of FF’s big claims were just blowing smoke. Yeah, FF got ridiculed and laughed at, a lot. They certainly deserved it! “Now comes denial and claims of Tesla doing it better, etc.” If and when Faraday Future can demonstrate that it can make a car as… Read more »

I would be more impressed if this were a pickup.

That would be nice. Their platform is supposed to be modular, so perhaps sooner than later?

Although deliberately blurry, do I see a great big air intake on the front? As they imply that there is an engine (albeit a quiet one), are we sure this is an EV?

I’m just speculating here, but they say that huge front grilles are all the rage in China. If this car is targeted at the Chinese market, then perhaps a large front opening is intended to be covered with a grille for production?

I have no actual facts to back this up, but I would guess that they may be basing it off of a gas car from the Chinese market, and that might be remnants of that ICE body.

This is what Coda did, when they tried to bring an EV to the US market.

Again, I’m not saying I know anything about this, so treat this as the most wild of speculations.

The problem with racing a stock tesla, is inadequate drivetrain cooling at sustained high speed. Maybe a giant air intake is just the ticket?

Of course combining the air intske with existing liquid refrigerant cooling tech that can be bought off the shelf

Glad to see it isn’t their garish stupid FFZERO1 concept car they led with in their first reveal.

That was such an amazing blunder for a first impression, that they are STILL trying to dig out of that PR nightmare.

This is a step in the right direction.

Indeed. FF would have done far better to have shown nothing but computer renders or even just concept drawings of this car, rather than pretending that ridiculous “batmobile” non-functional pretend prototype was something they were gonna mass produce.

And the same thing for their ridiculous computer renders of a fantasy factory. Obviously if they do build a real factory it won’t even remotely resemble that; who do they think they’re fooling?

Really?! This is all you got? “You can’t hear the engine!” I can’t hear the engine in my Nissan Leaf! That doesn’t make it anything innovative by today’s standards. When Tesla is making self driving cars today and VW and Chevy are investing Billions in EVs, you better step up your game FF!