The First Hyundai Kona Electric Delivered In U.S.


Will be powered at least partly with renewable energy.

It’s finally happening. After months of watching the Hyundai Kona Electric being dispatched to other territories, the first U.S. delivery has taken place. In a ceremony yesterday, Dr. Donald Small — Director of Pediatric Oncology at The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center — had his all-electric crossover handed over.

More details are expected to be released soon, but if Hyundai is following the same path as in other markets, the “Ultimate” will be the first trim level available. That variant starts at $44,650, while the “Limited” begins at $41,150. The most affordable trim, the SEL package, has a base price of $36,450 .

Hyundai and Johns Hopkins have a history together. The automaker has donated over $2 million for cancer research there via its Hope On Wheels program. That includes $500,000 for grants toward pediatric cancer research this past September.

Whether this means the floodgates will open and sales will begin in the other so-called ZEV states — California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont — remains to be seen, but we expect they will be starting shortly, if not right away. Apparently, this first shipment arrived at port about a week ago. If you’re interested in the car and don’t live in one of those states, it may be possible to arrange for its purchase through your local dealer. Just don’t expect them to carry inventory.

While electric vehicles are, of course, more environmentally-friendly than their gas-guzzling cousins, we understand this particular Kona Electric will be going to a home that gets most of its energy from renewable sources. The doctor is not new to electric vehicle ownership, having already owned an EV for the past seven years.

If you want to follow further discussion about the Hyundai Kona Electric by owners and fans, check out its official section on the InsideEVs Forum.

The official press release follows.

Hyundai Delivers First 2019 Kona Electric in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Antwerpen Hyundai Columbia in Baltimore sold the first Kona Electric in the U.S.
  • Donald Small, Director of Pediatric Oncology at The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, is the first U.S. customer for the 2019 Kona Electric
  • Hyundai Kona and Kona Electric Named 2019 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year

BALTIMORE, MD., Feb. 15, 2019 – Hyundai marks a milestone with its first delivery of a Kona Electric to Donald Small, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatric oncologist and director of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center’s Division of Pediatric Oncology. An early adopter of electric vehicles, and instrumental in the installation of the plug-in station infrastructure at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Donald Small is an advocate and leader in environmentally-friendly living practices including the use of zero-emission vehicles for better air quality to reduce health problems and symptoms related to air pollution.

Antwerpen Hyundai Columbia of Baltimore delivered the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric to Dr. Donald Small at his place of work at The Johns Hopkins Children’s Center and handed the keys to the first Kona Electric sold in the U.S. Named the 2019 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year—together with the Hyundai Kona—the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric rides on an all-new CUV platform and is Hyundai’s first compact electric crossover for the U.S. market. Kona Electric can travel up to 258 miles on a single charge.

“As a strong advocate for eco-friendly living—which includes doing my part to reduce carbon emissions from the energy we consume—I’ve equipped my home with 64 solar panels connected to the utility power grid, and the surplus renewable energy we produce is fed onto the grid. By implementing renewable energy generation with net-metering, we rely less on the grid and produce more than 90% of our energy use,” said Dr. Donald Small. “I’ve also been driving an electric vehicle for more than seven years, and today, I finally have the opportunity to upgrade my EV and support a quality brand that has committed over 15 years in funding pediatric cancer research.”

“Nothing makes me prouder than to hand the keys to the very first 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric sold in the U.S. to Dr. Donald Small,” said John Szymanski, General Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region, Hyundai Motor America.” We share many common values including our commitment to supporting and funding pediatric cancer research through Hyundai’s Hope On Wheels program and our joint commitment to a clean environment.”

Over the last 15 years, the Hyundai Hope On Wheels program, which funds pediatric cancer research, has provided more than $2 million in grants to The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Division of Pediatric Oncology.

Source: Hyundai

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They’re starting to appear in transit on CarGurus website, both the ultimate and limited models.

Going to check now

Yelp seen it. Waiting for Buffalo area open up, since it’s closer to Cleveland Ohio

Hello Domenick, just to let you know that there is a small error the SEL trim (lowest cost) should be at $36,450 not $44,650 🙂

“The most affordable trim, the SEL package, has a base price of $44,650”
You are 8K off. Your own article says SEL trim is $36,450.

That sounds like the Canadian Base Price MSRP.

They really need to Desert Heat Test it here in Chandler-Phoenix Arizona. I had a sister company car the KIA SOUL EV that has all 20 of them in the area fail from heat on the battery pack. They tried to air cool them. Our controller also failed twice in rush hour traffic. It was a real failure. They seem ok in Oregon, Seattle or Minneapolis but don’t try them in the USA South.
They need us to test them this summer. Don’t buy one until then. Maybe lease but be ready for failures and 1 to 2 months out of service.

Wow, that is something that the media needs to report on. Maybe you should submit this to insideev’s? #Soulgate.

That sounds like a recall waiting.

According to this website the battery in the 64KWh Kona has liquid cooling. That should make a big difference in Arizona.

Great point!

I wish Hyundai would follow the lead of the few auto makers that are putting out more than just a few cars, in compliance states, that avoid spewing cancer causing agents into the air their customers breathe. Gotta start somewhere though. The good thing is, they are shooting for such small numbers that the when the Model Y goes on sale – – – it won’t even affect them.

New gasoline cars are very clean as far as conventional pollutants (that is, byproducts of combustion, not CO2 and water). The pollution from the coal power plants providing 30+% of US electricity, and many many other pollutants are worse as carcinogens. This website would be more useful if people would cool it with the hyperbole.

I have to say I approve of the color. This vehicle is increasingly appealing to my quiet middle aged lifestyle.

That may NOT be a good sign for its future, unfortunately.

There’s plenty of us quiet middle aged folks out there looking for EVs:)

The first US Kona is delivered in … Maryland. So much for the “SoCal Only” car the nay sayers were claiming.

MD is in the compliance state.

Travel in ZEV credits just ended in 2018. So, MD is one of those states that will get the compliance credits.

Remember the famous Spark EV? It was available in MD as well.

Yeah but they were yelling that’s it was a California car only

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Usually that means just CARB states. It’s jus fun picking on stupid ol’ CA…

Ironically, the day before, MD Gov. Hogan had a press event in Annapolis where he talked about his Clean Cars Act of 2019. The two marquee items in the bill are doubling the funding of the ZEV tax credit and new support for hydrogen fuel cell cars.

I have the spark EV. Man I wish they kept producing these, but I realize it was a money loser for chevy.

Congratulations on your Strawman building skills! You just completely twisted tons of “California CARB” comments (which includes more than just California) into being comments about “SoCal”.

I can’t tell you if genuinely don’t know what the California CARB states are (and that MD is one of them), and you genuinely don’t understand that Kia is offering these ONLY in California CARB states? Or if you are intentionally misrepresenting what people have said about this being a California CARB state compliance vehicle just to intentionally build a Strawman logical fallacy. I don’t know which is worse….

Regarding “it may be possible to arrange for its purchase through your local dealer,” my wife and I went to ours (Austin TX) in January. As soon as she said “Kona Electric” the salesman cut her short and blatantly lied to us, saying “we’d love to sell them but we can’t because the State of Texas doesn’t allow the sale of any kind of plug-in car.” We scoffed, saying we had looked at the Bolt, the Volt, and the Clarity PHEV on dealers’ lots. He said, “But those are all cars that don’t plug in and charge themselves.” We asked why Texas would prohibit the sale of plug-ins; he said, “Something about the electrical grid not being able to handle them. We had folks from the company (Hyundai) down here last week and that’s what they told us.” We rolled our eyes, shook our heads, and drove away. He, his sales manager, and/or Hyundai corporate sales need to come up with a better story or, even better, simply be honest.

You ought to report them to Hyundai corporate. As well as the better business bureau. Write a negative yelp/google review.

@ KAB,

Next time get the bold face lying salespersons name, and talk directly to their sales manager about the statements made, and definitely be sure to contact the owner of the offending Stealership.

Then be sure to write to the regional sales manager for Hyundai, asking for some real honest answers to your deceptive sales experience.

That’s code for “we don’t want to sell EVs” and “buy a Santa Fe or get out.”

Wow! I’ve read plenty of stories about gas guzzler salesmen who would try to “steer” potential EV buyers into buying a gasmobile, but this really takes the cake! That jerk should win some sort of “award” for bald-faced lying.

I would report that to the Hyundai corporate and refute them on the spot.

If the salesperson is lying intentionally in order to sell you an ICE car they have in stock instead, that is a deceptive trade practice. I would talk to the sales manager and see if the sales person was simply uninformed. The churn of cars salesmen has been as high as 80% in non-premium car dealerships in recent years, and training for new employees is at an all-time low.

If the sales manager repeats the same mumbo-jumbo (or is teaching his/her sales staff to use this mumbo-jumbo), I would report them to the state.

I just got the message California SEL price is 40804 not sure why the price is written 36K

I have the Hyundai pricing sheet in front of me and it has the SEL at $36,450. Perhaps the price you were given includes delivery and/or other fees?

Like “dealership markup”

Taxes , fees and delivery

Let the flood gate of reservation open. That will force the company to send more accross the pacific.

i wonder how much money Hyundai loses on each of these compliance cars. I’m sick to death of seeing Hyundai ads pushing their ICE vehicles.

They, along with all (except for Tesla and maybe some in China) other car companies actually making cars now are in the business of selling a legal product, light vehicles, and have a first amendment right to advertise them. There is a sort of purest, authoritarian, dare I say fascist tone to many comment writers on this website.

And generally factually incorrect. Kia/Hyundai doubled EV production from 2017 to 2018. In fact 2018 figures were more than all previous years combined. 90,000 vehicles. 2019 looks like it’s going to be double again. They are simply prioritizing their product into regions that are more profitable while they bring everything up to speed and work out kinks/issues. Certainly South Korea is their primary market right now and just like Tesla who rolled out nearest the factory first, their strategy makes the most sense. The US also has the greatest amount of open space so the modest ranged vehicles such as the Ioniq EV (125 miles) are better suited to Korea and Europe. Now that the higher range vehicles are rolling out this year, expect supply to pick up in the US and by next year they should be putting out vehicles sufficient to satisfy global demand. (not counting Chinese cars) they aren’t #1 which is clearly Tesla, but they’ve left GM, Ford, and Toyota in the dust and passed VW group (which is also growing rapidly now). They have a wider product offering than Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi and could surpass them in volume if not 2019, then perhaps 2020. BMW also has… Read more »

Second paragraph typo. The hospital is “Johns Hopkins” with an “s” in Johns.

So the first one was delivered just 40 miles from me. Nice.

I’m hearing from people in California, however, that their dealers are getting alerted of how many to expect (usually around 5) and the dealers are offering them for pre-order with a $5k “market adjustment” fee added, bringing the cost to $5k over MSRP. $50k for a Hyundai EV (Ultimate trim which seems to be what they are all getting). Ouch.

Fixed. Thank you.

I might actually see this doctor on the road if he drives between Baltimore and Columbia!

The Kona EV Limited and Ultimate trims are so close to the price of a Tesla Model 3 that if dealers want to play pricing games it’s easy to 1) not buy or 2) skip the stealerships and just go to Tesla. Don’t pay a penny above MSRP.

Please investigate that claim

Fools and their money are quickly parted. If someone will pay that much………..

I concur, Bay area dealer tried to pull the same crap on me. 5K premium. No thanks, its still a hyundai

Meanwhile, the Bolt can easily be had for 5k UNDER MSRP!

Terrible seats. Gave my BF back pains on a test drive

Local MN dealers have stated they will not do warranty work on the machines and would only do limited service work since they aren’t certified ev dealers. I’d have to take the car to the closest dealer (900 miles away)

First thing first they have to honor warranty or they will get sue

Kia I’m sure has the legalities figured out, but yes at least in 2018 there were only a few Kia dealers outside California that were authorized to sell and service a Soul EV. However The PHEV Niro was a nationwide rollout (I got one) and although yes my dealer’s service department is pretty unsure just yet on what they are doing, they did say they had to have a dedicated person (or more perhaps) go to training and get blessing so I think if it hasn’t already happened, it will soon happen that all the dealers at least can to PHEV, but maybe also the BEV.

As I get it only the 45k USD trim has a 60kwh battery. The 35k USD has a 40 kWh battery.

I heard they were only offering the 60 kWh battery option in the US. There are 3 trim levels though.

Europa Kona has three trim levels first is 36k euro and 40kwh pack and only the last trim is 60kwh and cost 48k euro.

False. They only sending the 64kw suv to the states

kWh, not kw!!!!!!!

NO, only 64 kWh in USA.

Smart Doctor!

Great to see another BEV enter the market in the U.S.

But will it be offered in more than compliance car numbers?

So, Kona EV is about $8K cheaper in the US than Europe. No wonder it shifts more volume to Europe.

If the Europe price include the VAT tax, then that would explain the price difference.

Doesn’t the EV have VAT tax exemption in EU?

The taxes are country specific.

And, unlike Tesla in US, cars are advertised at pre VAT prices.

Another compliance car.
Combined plugin sales of Hyundai/Kia / month in US is just 2 days of Tesla’s sales.
At least they managed to get 114 MPGe on a crossover like Soul and my sincere appreciation to them.

Yikes you sound scared. For whom, Tesla? Don’t be. EV’s, like ICE’s will be covering all market segments.

Was told two more months until the first CA deliveries

Does anyone know if Kia will change their minds and open up Niro EV orders nation wide like Hyundai us doing with the Kona EV? I really want the Niro over Kona. Also, if a local dealer will service the PHEV version of a car, will they be able to service the EV version? Both have batteries but I am sure certification is required by the mechanics.


This is a great way to launch their Kona EV sales in the US, and also bring attention to the The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Division of Pediatric Oncology and their work on pediatric cancer. They are doing great work, and it is good to see that Hyundai is putting money towards their cause. Anyone can follow Hyundai’s lead, and give here:

I replied to you NIX, and got distracted, and posted under Marshall instead – cheers!

Why is the guy wearing a lab coat?

He’s a doctor. *facepalm*

Nah, if he were a proper doctor, there would be a stethoscope dangling on his neck.

The looks so much better than the gas version.

“The First Hyundai Kona Electric Delivered In U. S. compliance states. ”

There, I fixed it for you.

“The First Hyundai Kona Electric Delivered In U. S. CARB states. 40% of US population”.

There, I fixed it for you.

Wonder why Tesla didn’t do those cool looking aero wheels vs. the cheap looking plastic covers?

Tried to buy one in Canada to drive back to US. Dealers would not do it. One reason was they said Canadian version did not have Tire Pressure Monitoring System. That seemed odd. Why wouldn’t any good new car have that and is that a US requirement on all cars?