Fiat 500e Recalled For Possible Power Loss During Operation

MAY 10 2014 BY JAY COLE 16

All Fiat 500es produced before April 4th, 2014 Have Been Recalled

All Fiat 500es produced before April 4th, 2014 Have Been Recalled

The Chrysler Group announced a recall on all 2013-2015 Fiat 500e electric cars due to a fault in the PIM (power inverter module) that alters electric current to accommodate battery-powered propulsion.

Earlier Fiat 500e Axle (Half Shaft) Issue That Lead To The First 491 Cars Being Recalled Last Summer

Earlier Fiat 500e Axle (Half Shaft) Issue That Lead To The First 491 Cars Being Recalled Last Summer

The recall affects 4,151 cars and was discover during routine warranty data review.

That review prompted an investigation, “during which Chrysler Group engineers discovered a PIM defect that may, over time, seep coolant onto electrical components, causing a short-circuit leading to power loss.”

No accidents or injuries have been reported due to the flaw, but Chrysler says they are aware of the incident occurring at least five times.

As a fix, Chrysler will be replacing PIMs in all customer and inventoried models built through April 4, 2014.

“Affected customers, all of whom are in the U.S., will be contacted directly and advised when they may schedule service. Associated costs will be borne by the Company.

Customers who are concerned may call the Fiat Customer Assistance Center at 1-888-242-6342.”

Fiat 500e From The Inside

Fiat 500e From The Inside

This is the second major recall of the Fiat 500e, as the first 491 produced suffered a fairly serious deficiency in the car’s half shafts.

With an estimated 3,000 of these units in the public’s hands, and having only gotten accurate sales data on the Fiat 500e for the past two months, it would seem earlier estimates for the EV’s first 8 months on the market were about 1,900 units light.

Thankfully (and dispite Chrysler’s stubbornness to report 500e sales) this means we now have a very accurate gauge for the Fiat 500e’s current and historical sales; which were quiet a bit higher than earlier thought.

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4151 cars? who knew they sold that many?

err, made that many

I dont believe it, lets see the receipts

mmmm…. this story and the one right before it (Leaf fleet sales) sound almost like a morality play.

Trash-talk, half-ass and compliance-only-sell your EVs? Eventually you’ll pay the price.

Serious about it? Rewards will multiply.

If only the news would behave like this all the time for bigger topics as well 😉

Ha! Good point!

Nice to see Fiat keeping with tradition… 😉

I was waiting for someone to go there.

Yes, they are taking up where they left off in the American market. Hard to believe they own and management Ferrari.

Yeah, come to think of it Fiat cars are not exactly known for their reliability 🙂

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Fix it again, Tony!


4150 cars are affected but somewhere else in the article it says “3,000 of these units in the public’s hands” so there is a huge inventory somewhere?

There is a little under 600 in inventory at dealers and and estimated 500 or so still in holding/transit with the OEM. Usually we’ll get pinged by the NHTSA with an exact number at some point…then will get bang on the head.

Nice to finally have a number for the 500e sold. And thanks for updating the scoreboard based on the new info!

BTW, based on the experience reported in the 500e G+ Community [1] it looks like the new PIM should give slightly improved range. Something to compensate for the time it will take to get the car fixed…


Yes it is nice to have some harder numbers! We knew eventually something would give way to get the old numbers, (= Now we have a good read on the past and an accurate source going forward! Interesting on the PIM changing the range, it does seem that a remapping of the unit could definitely affect the numbers…although that means it will also change the output/performance as well. We’ll have to keep an eye on it – not sure given Fiat’s track record they will redo the EPA tests…although they are one of the few that still haven’t submitted 2015 MY numbers to the DoE. Might have to wait until the next gen of 500 in 2015/2016 MY (provided they continue with the ‘e’) to see new/official specs. Ironically, with this many sales logged, its success could also be its downfall if they are using it strictly for compliance. Fiat has repeated said they are losing lots of money on the product, and now they are looking at the 2nd full recall of the lineup. They are more than set to go through 2017 ZEV requirements for Chrysler group already…additionally their extended range plug-in van in 2016 and SUV in… Read more »

I believe the new PIM is and electrically more efficient version of the previous one (INVCON 2.3), based on what Jim Hagerman indicated in the thread [2].

I’m also very curious what FIAT does with the new gen 500. I think it would be a mistake for them not to sell a BEV version; I regularly get positive comments on mine – yesterday I got two back to back.