Fiat 500e Nears “Sold Out” Status for 2013

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Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

The Fiat 500e is “sold out” before even arriving, says Jason Stoicevich, president and CEO of the Fiat North America.



Stoicevich recently spoke with Ward’s Auto in regards to the 500e and, though he was short of providing exact details, he did say this:

“We’re pretty much sold out for the year.”

The Fiat 500e is expected to launch in California next month.  It’ll lease for $199 per month for 36 months with $999 due at signing.  The buy price for the 500e starts at $31,800.

But in California, the deal is even sweeter.  If you factor in the state’s $2,500, then the lease rate changes to $166 per month with zero due at signing.

Fiat has not set a sales target for the 500e, so there’s no way of knowing what this “sold out” status means.  We suspect that a few hundred orders have been placed at the 28 Fiat 500e-certified dealerships in California and we believe that some of the electric Fiats are already stockpiled at two sites in the state.

Stoicevich adds:

“The electric-car market is alive and well in California.”

Why yes,  yes it is.

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How will they ever made profit with a lease <200$?

Yes, not going to happen in all likelihood on Fiat’s first EV…they are buying compliance by selling the 500e

Fiat’s chairman has been heard (so I’ve heard) to say that he hates the EV and loses money on every one of them…

Yes yes, all of that is fine, I just wanna know how it will appear in the Cole monthly report. It’s just five days away now….. No pressure Jay, but we demand excellence.

Well they have a whack build out of Mexico, but have yet to make sale #1…so a solid 0 so far for Tuesday’s monthly EV sales report. My kind of results to report on – easy peasy, (=

Even though it is a compliance car, I’m still glad they are selling well. That way they can’t pull the card that says “there is no demand.” Fortunately they set the price at a point people are willing to pay.

I think the price is below what people are willing to pay. They should offer it for $250/mo and unlimited mileage – people would still flock.

Selling “well” is subjective as it is most likely that it will be revealed to be about 2000 cars.

unlimited miles on any ev lease is key.

That’s funny. Nearly sold out for the year, with a car that has had ZERO actual sales. If sales were really going well, Fiat would be boasting about actual sales numbers.

This is about as bad as BMW and their 100k people ‘interested’ in the i3

The 999 down and 199 monthly are after applying all credits and incentives. So when you go to lease its only likely the payment would go up based on what you qualify for and the options you add. But if you are buying all credits and incentives applies to your bottom line price which might bring the price from 32000 to around 20000. So if you factor in a 0% APR financing (which FIAT offers for some models but don’t know if they are doing for 500e) buy vs lease works out to almost the same. This article seems to be misleading.

I can almost get excited about all these new EVs becoming available..but then I remember they’re compliance cars and that I don’t live in CA. Bummer! What I’m really interested to see is if GM and others will sell their electric cars in states other than CA and OR or whatever their “rollout” plans are.

After driving a Volt for over a year and 20,000 miles I am convinced that I could get by with a fully electric vehicle (well, a Spark technically, since I work for GM). I just can’t purchase one in MI right now.

Can you get the 500e model with the big sunroof? Who makes the battery, is it Tesla? I need a good TMS. I might be tempted.

Battery is Li-Tec, which is a JV of Daimler and Evonik, Gen 2 was “powered” by Tesla…and yes, you can get the big sunroof, (=

Battery is SBLimotive, a JV of Bosch and Samsung. JV is dissolved and now Bosch makes the battery.