Fiat 500e Lease Deal – $99 Per Month


Fiat 500e Lease Deal

Fiat 500e Lease Deal

Yes, there’s some fine print, but $99 per month is a killer deal on the $32,000 Fiat 500e.

This particular lease offer comes to us via Orange Coast Fiat in California.

The deal works out likes this:

  • $99 per month
  • 36 months
  • 10,000 miles per year
  • $1,450 due at signing
  • $2,500 CVRP (California rebate) included to arrive at $99 per month, otherwise it’s $168 per month
  • Must have conquest vehicle to qualify

So, yeah, a fair amount of fine print, but it’s $99 per month, if you qualify!

Here’s a link to the dealership’s current 500e inventory.

Fiat 500e Lease Deal

Fiat 500e Lease Deal

Hat tip to Eric Blank!!!

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9 Comments on "Fiat 500e Lease Deal – $99 Per Month"

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Perhaps a scam to get people to Fiat dealer. When I inquired about this in the past, they didn’t have any in stock and wouldn’t for several months.

Yeah. “Halo Bait”.

Perhaps, but this seem to be on par with leases offered from a couple of dealers to the north of them (in LA County, not OC) that I’ve been keeping track of…

Added OC Fiat to the list.

“Must have current lease”… ?

Ie, returning customers only?

Just means Fiat corporate is kicking back some conquest money. So if you lease it straight out you are going to lose that amount in ‘the math’. (ala the current $500 loyalty casd now on the Volt)

500e sales have been a little soft the past 5 months in relation to inventory (and demand seems to be waning as the product ages), so you may find dealers who were ‘tricky’ to deal with in 2013 a little more on the level today.

Update: Just checkout out the corporate-to-dealer kickbacks and the ‘lease conquest; amount is $1,000, and there is also a $2,000 allowance program that runs though 3/2/2015

“$2,500 CVRP (California rebate) included to arrive at $99 per month, otherwise it’s $168 per month”

Sounds to me like they are counting your $2500 rebate against the lease amount.

I just leased a smart car, $139, and I keep the rebate.

I shudder to think what all possessions my daughter would trade to be able to take advantage of this deal (sig other has a yari lease, oh No, Not That!) but can’t move to California.

“Dis Shyt b gettin’ old” is what I’m hinting at..
Cal-only ‘deals’ are about as disheartening as Model S vs Hellcat down Sunset B..

10k Miles? Not enough

should be at least 12k

Just bought one from them 36 months $99 per month (plus my tax) – and $0 down!!!

By the way not sure who said they have none – but they had 50++ when i was there.