The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling electric crossover in North America. However, several compelling rivals have come to market, and more are on the way. The Kia EV6 is one such rival with plenty of promise, but is it good enough to lure people away from Tesla?

Competitors like the Kia may have an advantage over Tesla, but only if they can make vehicles like the EV6 readily available in competing markets. This is because demand is so high for Tesla's vehicles, people have to wait a very long time to take delivery, and Tesla continues to raise prices.

Just this week, the Model Y's starting price was raised to over $60,000. However, people are clearly still placing orders. In the past, Kia hasn't offered its electric vehicles in North America in large quantities, nor has it made them available in all markets. If you've tried to buy a Kia EV, you may have learned that they're only for sale in select states, they're not easy to get, and for that reason, sometimes dealers are charging over MSRP for them.

Regardless of any of the above, the important question still stands. Is the Kia EV6 a worthy Tesla Model Y rival?

YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt has made a name for himself by producing videos that primarily focus on either cost of ownership comparisons, or various electric vehicle comparisons, in general. He has a working formula complete with logical and easy-to-read charts, which make the comparisons easily digestible.

Both the Model Y and EV6 are crossovers with plenty of space, comparable range and performance, and similar pricing, at least based on what's known so far about the EV6. While the Model Y is roomier overall, the EV6 has more than enough legroom and both rows, as well as respectable cargo capacity. Two of the EV6's top advantages are its ultra-fast 800V charging capability and its ability to power other devices.

Cleanerwatt takes us on a much more detailed tour of the Model Y and EV6 to help us decide how they compare, and which we might prefer. Check out the video for all the specifics. Then, scroll down and leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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