This Tesla Model Y owner just celebrated one year of ownership, and he's already put 20,000 miles on the electric crossover. To say that he's happy with his decision and still loves the car would be an understatement. While he admits that the quality and fit and finish issues drive him crazy, there's just so much to like about the Model Y, he's willing to live with some imperfections.

It really comes as no surprise that people are excited about their Tesla vehicles when they're finally able to get one. If they weren't looking forward to owning an electric crossover like the Model Y, they probably wouldn't bother ordering one and waiting forever to take delivery. However, it does come as a surprise to many folks that people still love their Teslas after owning them for a year or more. The newness wears off, right?

Chances are, you've bought a new car, been really excited about it, and the newness eventually wore off. This is really true of almost anything. The initial excitement begins to fade, and once you're not a new owner enjoying your new product, it just becomes your new normal.

With that said, almost every Tesla owner we've talked to has said the newness seems to never wear off. This is due in part to Tesla's over-the-air software updates, but also because driving an EV is a completely different experience than driving a gas-powered car. Some owners have told us they look for excuses to run errands or plan trips just for an opportunity to drive their Tesla as often as possible. 

Most of the Tesla owners we know never owned an EV before they took delivery of their Tesla, which means they've also never owned a Tesla before. The Model Y in the video above is this guy's first Tesla, as well as his first EV. He owned a Toyota Prius before he bought the Model Y.

As we always say, if they drive it they will buy it. Once you've driven an EV, there's a good chance you'll want one, and this is especially true of performance-oriented EVs, such as a Tesla, Porsche Taycan, or Ford Mustang Mach-E.

At any rate, check out the video to learn all about what it's like to own a Tesla Model Y. Then, scroll down and share your EV ownership experiences in our comment section below.

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