How much does it actually cost to own a Tesla Model Y over time? How about a Ford Mustang Mach-E electric crossover? Perhaps you'd like to compare these two performance crossovers to the upscale Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV? Finally, what about their gas-power rivals?

The video above tackles it all, and arguably the more interesting story is how it came to be. We just may have inspired a new YouTuber to set out on a mission to provide a barrage of electric versus gas video comparisons. To be fair, we should say that a video we shared from Tesla Tom’s Ludicrous Feed was actually the inspiration.

The previous video was a cost of ownership comparison between the Tesla Model 3 and Toyota Camry Hybrid, though it was out of Australia, so details and pricing weren't on par with that of the US. YouTuber B Rich came across the video and made his own comparable video using US pricing (linked below). 

B Rich must have enjoyed the mission because he's now put together another, much more substantial cost of ownership video rather quickly, which he shared with us right away. He writes:

"5 Year Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Tesla Model Y vs VW ID4 vs Ford Mach-E vs Toyota Highlander vs Nissan Rogue vs Ford Edge accounting for purchase price (MSRP), fuel or electricity, insurance, service, depreciation the United States of America. This comparison does include $7500 Tax Credit for VW ID4 & Ford Mach-E, but does not include any local or state rebates for EV."

Once you've put together a working cost of ownership model, it can't be too difficult to gather up the info about a number of cars and plug it in. That's precisely what Rich did here.

His videos aren't fancy or packed with crazy eye candy. Rather, they just get to the point and help educate people. Rich only has a handful of followers, and he even writes that he has no blog, no Twitter, no MySpace (wait MySpace?). He's clearly not out to be a viral social media influencer, but we feel his videos need to be shared around as much as possible. 

The topics and timestamps are as follows, but before you watch, take a guess at how these vehicles will fare against one another when it comes to the total cost of ownership.

0:00 Intro
0:29 MSRP Cost
0:55 Energy Cost
1:31 Subtotal of 5 year cost of ownership
1:46 Trade In Value
2:08 Summary of Total Cost of Ownership & 2 things to note

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