How much does it cost to own a Tesla Model 3 for five years? How about a Toyota Camry Hybrid? Comparing these two cars in terms of their cost to own makes perfect sense. This is because the Model 3 and Camry are actually similar in many ways.

Editor's Update: The original video in this article was based on data and pricing from Australia. YouTube channel B Rich was inspired by Tesla Tom’s Ludicrous Feed to adapt it for our US audience. We embedded the new video at the top of the page and moved the original down under.

Moreover, the Toyota is a hybrid, which makes it pricier than a gas-only car, but also potentially less expensive to own. Meanwhile, the Model 3 is the most efficient vehicle you can buy, and electric cars not only save you lots of money on fuel, but also require less maintenance than gas cars and hybrids.

If we asked you what is the most popular topic on our site, what would you guess? We bet you'd say anything related to Tesla. More specifically, common answers include simple content, such as Tesla drag races, TeslaCam footage, and anything Tesla- or EV-negative.

With that said, you might be surprised to learn that performs better than almost anything else we publish. Of course, this is especially true if one of the cars is a Tesla, but even if not, people still tend to flock to these articles. Why are we sharing this, and what does it suggest?

We're excited to say that this is extremely promising for the segment. If people are out there in masses searching for cost of ownership coverage about electric cars, this arguably means people are considering buying an EV, and they're doing their homework. If people are reading these articles and watching the videos, they're learning how much cheaper it is to own an EV over a gas car, which is fantastic!

The video above comes to us from Tesla Tom’s Ludicrous Feed. It's important to note that it's coming out of Australia, so pricing and such is not on par with what we see on our shores. However, it doesn't change the point. Tom breaks down the video into the following topics:

00:00 Welcome
00:45 evee Promotion
01:38 NSW EV Incentives
02:27 Tesla and Toyota Pricing
03:48 References
04:19 Assumptions
07:41 Total Cost of Ownership Comparison
10:17 Tesla Model 3 costs less in 5 years
11:39 Summary

You can probably guess that the Model 3 costs less to own than the Camry Hybrid over five years. It's also important to note that if you own a Model 3, it's likely you can sell it for more than you paid for it, which is something many people don't understand or believe since cars depreciate rapidly and almost never appreciate. However, there are plenty of other important details in the video. Give it a watch and leave us a comment.

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