The vast majority of people reviewing their own Tesla Model 3, regardless of how long they’ve had the car, seem to have a very good opinion of the vehicle. They like the way it drives, its tech, its range and relative reliability and even though the vehicle is not perfect, the general consensus is that you should definitely buy one if you’re looking for an EV in its price bracket.

Oliur / UltraLinx has had his Model 3 Performance for over a year and a half and, as with most owners, he reports no major issues encountered with his vehicle so far. He did have two small problems with the vehicle, though: one was a leak in the passenger’s footwell under acceleration, and the other was wind noise around the front left side window, but both were resolved under warranty.

One thing the owner does complain about is how much cold winter temperatures affect the vehicle’s range. In his experience, driving the Model 3 Performance in the UK, with heating and heated seats turned on, results in a decrease in range of between 20 and 40 percent, depending on how cold it actually is outside.

But the video is still mostly about the positive parts of the Model 3 ownership experience.  The owner deems this vehicle to be way ahead of what OEMs have for sale, although things won’t stay this way for long as there are several promising electric vehicle rivals for the baby Tesla that are just around the corner.

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