If you follow the Tesla Twitter community, there's a really good chance you know who Jeremy Judkins is. He has owned his Tesla Model 3 for 25 months, and in that time, he's put over 30,000 miles on the car. He figured it was time to provide a lengthy and in-depth overview and review that covers just about everything you could possibly want or need to know about the Tesla.

While many Tesla fans and owners provide reviews that tend to focus on how amazing their car is, with a splash of negative (but not really negative) here and there, Jeremy tends to tell it like it is. This isn't to say he provides a negative review of the Model 3, nor does he make any attempt to steer you away from Tesla or disparage the company. He's clearly a fan through and through, but he just comes off as the type of guy who says whatever he's thinking, regardless of how it might come off.

Judkins begins with the Model 3's physical condition, exterior wear and tear, and options for protection, such as paint protection film and ceramic coating. He also talks about accessories and tires.

Next, he discusses Tesla's software, which he is very happy with. Based on almost every review we've read and watched, it seems owners really appreciate Tesla's software, as well as software updates, of course. Jeremy also addresses the Tesla mobile app and the Full Self-Driving capability package.

As expected, Judkins talks about how the Model 3's range has held up over two years, and how the charging situation is going. He plugs in every day, he's never had any issues with Supercharging, and he finds it all super convenient. Jeremy also discusses how much it has cost him to charge, and his experiences with road trips in the Model 3.

Finally, and arguably most important in the eyes of many, Judkins discusses Tesla service and maintenance. He had the FSD computer installed, his 12-volt battery replaced, and his tires rotated. He also had a problem with wind noise and a pin stuck in the charge port.

All in all, we found Jeremy's review to be very detailed and informative. He's easy to watch and his delivery is pretty laid back and calming. Check out the review for yourself and then leave us a comment below.

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