A Tesla Model 3 owner took to Twitter to share a brief story via a detailed thread. Of course, it was tweeted to the attention of Tesla's and Elon Musk's Twitter accounts. In addition, the story carries the hashtag #TeslaSavesLives.

We've been seeing more and more reports of alleged Tesla Autopilot saves, as well as horrible Tesla crashes that have left the driver and occupants relatively unscathed. This is not only because it has been proven that Tesla's vehicles are incredibly safe and known to protect passengers to the utmost degree in many cases, but also since the media rarely covers Tesla saves and other successes. Rather, it's not uncommon to see daily stories about Tesla Autopilot fails, EV fires, ongoing investigations that have been repeatedly misreported, and fatal crashes.

Tesla has been up against a considerable amount of scrutiny following unproven reports of "brake failure" in China. In fact, after social media influencers and media outlets apologized for spreading the unsubstantiated reports, Tesla eventually recalled practically every car it has sold in China. Fortunately, it seems the soft recall just focused attention on an over-the-air update that Tesla sends to all impacted cars to adjust the controls related to the vehicles' traffic-aware cruise control settings.

At any rate, Tesla owner and Twitter user Marco DZO shared that his Model 3 save his life, the life of his pregnant girlfriend, and that of their four-year-old son.


The Model 3 was hit violently by a drunk driver behind the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler. Marco saw the headlights coming straight at him, and fortunately, he was able to steer away enough to avoid a full head-on collision.


Marco says the crash was quite violent, but all occupants were still able to get out of the vehicle on their own with minor injuries. It wasn't until the police arrived that he learned the Jeep driver was drunk.


We'll never know what may have happened if Marco and his family were driving a different car. We'll also never know if the Model 3 truly saved their lives. However, we commonly see Tesla owners thanking the automaker for building safe vehicles with safety features that have been proven to reduce the severity of accidents.


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