Chicago Auto Pros are back at it with another in-depth Tesla inspection video. The company specializes in new car protection, such as tinting, XPEL Paint Protection, ceramic coatings, Gtechniq Crystal Serum, Modesta, Vinyl wrap, and more, so it's certainly seen its fair share of Tesla models.

In this latest video, the company checks out the all-new Tesla Model S Plaid in exhaustive detail. Chicago Auto Pros asks:

"Has Tesla improved their quality control on the Model S Plaid? Or will it be just as bad as the Model Y inspection?"

Clearly, Chicago Auto Pros weren't impressed with the Model Y's fit and finish. While we've talked to several Model Y owners who are happy with the build quality of their cars, it seems clear that Tesla still has issues with overall consistency. This is because we've also heard from many folks that there are some obvious fit and finish concerns, at least on some cars.

Being that the Model S Plaid is Tesla's newly refreshed flagship vehicle, one would assume it would have a higher level of quality and fit and finish than the Model Y and Model 3. Moreover, the car costs $130,000, and Tesla only has to build it in smaller batches, since this isn't a mass-market vehicle like its smaller, cheaper siblings.

Chicago Auto Pros take us through the car inside and out to give us a true picture of what to expect. There are definitely some issues exposed, but many will argue they are minor or overstated. At the same time, others will be extremely irritated by them.

When it comes to build quality, and whether or not you should take delivery of a car, it really all comes down to what "issues" you notice and disapprove of. People's idea of proper fit and finish varies widely, but what's most important is what you think personally.

Check out the video above to learn about the Tesla Model S Plaid's overall build quality. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment with your opinion on Tesla's fit and finish as a whole. 

Below is Chicago Auto Pros' previous video about the Tesla Model Y's fit and finish:

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