The Electric Man came up with a unique concept for a YouTube channel. He analyzes Tesla Model Y build quality and fit and finish each month to help determine if Tesla is making notable improvements. With the amount of online chatter about Tesla's build quality for many years, this is a topic that deserves attention.

Many people will tell you Tesla's vehicles have terrible build quality. Moreover, they claim fit and finish is obviously subpar. At the same time, others claim Tesla has the same issues as many legacy automakers, though people pay way more attention to Tesla's build quality, and put it under constant and strict scrutiny. We know Tesla is under the utmost scrutiny no matter what it does, so it makes sense that people are paying very close attention to build quality.

We're not here to take sides. We've seen some Tesla cars with some clear fit and finish issues, and others that appear to be free of any obvious concerns. We've also started looking much more closely at other vehicles to determine if such issues are common among rivals. While we haven't done a scientific study, we can honestly say that we've been pretty disappointed with the fit and finish on many vehicles that we've looked at very closely.

The Electric Man heads out each month to track down new Model Y vehicles and record video footage of the same areas of the car. This way, people will know what to look for prior to taking delivery. He points out the usual concerns, and then tries to determine if Tesla has addressed them and "fixed" them, or if the inconsistencies remain.

If you follow Tesla closely, you're probably aware that the Model 3 had some obvious build quality concerns early on, but it seemed Tesla got it all sorted out over time. One can only assume it's doing the same with the Model Y. and CEO Elon Musk has even made reference to it at times. However, we strongly encourage you to analyze your Tesla very closely prior to taking delivery, and don't accept the car if it's not up to your standards.

With that said, take a look at the June edition of The Electric Man's Model Y build quality series. Then, scroll down to the comment section and let us know what you think about the topic of Tesla's fit and finish. 

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