Tesla seems to be plagued with all sorts of problems. yet many people love the company and its cars. Moreover, Tesla has proven its success time and time again. One of the most prominent issues is Tesla's reported struggles with quality control and fit and finish. However, depending on who you talk to, the Silicon Valley electric automaker may just be in the same boat as many other companies.

Essentially, some folks will tell you Tesla has the same fit and finish issues present in cars from many global automakers. These are inconsistencies like paint blemishes and panel gaps that just happen to be pointed out regularly due to high levels of scrutiny. Some call these problems "one-off issues" or "minor inconsistencies."

We think covering Tesla is a bit like covering politics. While there are certainly some outlets that report things right down the middle, it seems with Tesla, there's either a love or hate relationship. Skeptics, oil industry advocates, stock shorters, and even some people who are just simply supporters of legacy automakers and gas-powered cars analyze Tesla's entire situation with a microscope. Meanwhile, hardcore Tesla fans are willing to look the other way if there are any issues, seemingly in some heroic attempt to assure Tesla's long-term success.

In the end, you probably either think Tesla's vehicles are complete pieces of junk, or your love for Tesla is bordering on insane. Either way, you can see how it makes most "Tesla news" and "Tesla truth" very difficult to verify and accept.

YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt just published a video entitled, "The TRUTH about TESLA MODEL 3 Build Quality." Yes, "truth" is in all caps. Sure, he wanted to emphasize that regardless of what you may have heard from others, his reporting is the "actual truth." Who knows, right?

At any rate, Cleanerwatt reminds us that the Tesla Model 3 has been on the market since July of 2017. It's the most popular EV on the planet, and it's even more popular than many gas cars. However, when it first came out, and for many months following its launch, negative reports about its build quality ruled the internet. The same is true now for the Model Y crossover.

Has Tesla worked out the issues with the Model 3? Were there really any consistent build quality concerns across the lineup in the first place? Are Tesla's cars cited for fit and finish issues much more than other cars only because folks are looking very closely and seeking them out?

We really don't have all the answers. It honestly depends on who you talk to. Fortunately, our audience provides a fantastic sounding board to discuss such topics. With that said, check out the video for Cleanerwatt's take. Then, share your real-world analysis with us in the comment section below.

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