UK-based YouTube channel RSymons RSEV covers and compares a wide variety of electric cars, but the focus seems to be on the fine details other outlets may not dive into. The publication is in a unique situation when it comes to the Tesla Model 3 since the UK gets cars from both the Tesla Fremont factory and Shanghai Gigafactory.

In the past, RSymons has taken an up-close look at China-made Model 3 sedans versus those produced at Tesla's main factory in California. However, this recent video pays particular attention to the paint quality of Teslas from each factory. 

Tesla has been under constant scrutiny for years when it comes to quality control and fit and finish. More specifically, people often point out panel gaps and issues with the paint. While Tesla has made updates to the "old" paint shop at Fremont, it has been blamed by insiders and outsiders for the paint issues found on some Tesla cars.

Tesla's second factory is cranking out cars in China, and the automaker has two more factories underway, one near Berlin, Germany, and the other in Austin, Texas. Tesla has pointed out that these factories have (or will have) a much better situation when it comes to paint. In fact, China-made Model 3s have been praised for their high level of quality in the country. However, keep in mind, quality, paint, and fit and finish expectations in China are much different than they are in the US.

RSymons measures paint thickness between different colors of Model 3 sedans made in China and the US. He also brings a professional detailer in to provide his opinion of the paint situation. Finally, they look at a few different colored Model S sedans to see if the paint is better on a more expensive car.

You might be quite surprised by the findings here. Check out the video for all the details. Then, leave us a comment.

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