Erik Strait seems to know just about everything there is to know about Tesla, and he's also an amateur race car driver. He finally got a chance to check out the all-new Tesla Model S Plaid, and he says he's very happy with what Tesla has achieved over the last six months. Will he buy one?

For those unfamiliar with Strait, we've been covering his YouTube videos for a long time. His channel is named DAErik since Erik's friend Dave is also involved in the channel's videos. We first stumbled upon Erik when he was working on turning his garage into a Tesla showroom. He also built his own Tesla Supercharger.

While we give Strait a lot of credit for his Tesla knowledge and interesting projects, we've been curious about what he thinks of the Model S Plaid. This is due in part to his recent track experiences in Colorado. We honestly figured Strait would be one of the first to take delivery of a refreshed Model S. However, the car he's checking out in the video belongs to a friend named Jason, and it's reportedly the first Plaid delivered in Colorado.

The video opens with some camera work showing off the Plaid, complete with some hyped-up music. Strait's Tesla showroom garage provides a nice backdrop for the intro.

Erik and David step inside the Model S to check out and discuss all of its features. They also explain how to use some of the new features, as well as the new UI. It's helpful since they post text on the screen to better explain how certain features work.

Erik also gets a chance to drive the car briefly. He says the yoke isn't bad, but it will take some time to get used to. David decides not to drive the car, since he wants to wait until they take delivery of their own new Model S. They haven't yet decided if they're going to follow through with a Plaid purchase, but they're definitely getting at least a refreshed Model S Long Range.

Check out the full video to learn much more about the refreshed Model S. Then, scroll down and share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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