Range is all the rage when it comes to electric cars and today's EVs don't disappoint. There are numerous choices out there with ample range and this all-important metric continues to rise over time.

Disclaimer: the metrics used for this list are from the EPA’s official tests. Due to the variability in electric vehicle range figures, intermingling EPA and third-party tests would convolute this list. Some vehicles, especially the Porsche Taycan, can achieve far better range figures in certain real-world tests. However, there is not enough data for every electric vehicle to create this list. 

Also, if there are multiple trims of the same vehicle achieving different range figures (ie: Lucid Air Dream Range and Dream Performance), we'll just include the variant with more range. Keeping this is mind, meet the longest range electric cars available this year:

2022 Ford Mach-e California Route 1: 314 Miles

Mustang Mach-E California Rt 1 Edition in White

The Mach-e Extended Range RWD is the electric pony to buy if you want the most range. The Mach-e California Route 1 and the Premium Extended Range RWD feature the same technological underpinnings, but the Route 1's lower weight and smaller wheels help out its range. The Route 1 costs less, but it lacks some features present in the Premium like the B&O 10 audio system, power-operated tailgate, and heated front seats. Regardless, both are great packages, but some of the Premium features may tempt prospective buyers. Check out 2021 Ford Mach-e California Route 1 / Extended RWD pricing from TrueCar.

  • Base Price: $52,775
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 314 miles
  • Battery size: 98.8 kWh

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Extended Range: 320 Miles

F-150 Lightning Cold Weather Testing

The Ford F-150 Lightning will likely be the second electric pickup truck to hit the market. While it'll start at around $40,000 for a commercial variant, the prices will quickly increase once you tack on some options. If you'd like to get the most range, you'd need either the XLT or Lariat in the "Extended Range" guise. This will raise the starting price to $72,474, which is over $30,000 more than the entry-level model. While this figure is expensive, you'll still get cloth seats, which is quite disappointing on a $70,000 pickup truck. 

  • Base Price: $72,474
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 320 miles
  • Battery size: 131 kWh (usable)

2022 BMW iX: 324 Miles

BMW iX: Merry iX-mas

After the relatively long run of the BMW i3, the German automaker has seemingly changed its philosophy regarding EVs. Instead of offering a compact hatchback with just enough range for everyday driving, BMW's new entry offers twice the range, three times the power, and a much larger form factor. With 324 miles of range and a powerful 516 horsepower dual motor setup, the iX will certainly give its competition, like the Jaguar i-Pace, a run for their money.

  • Base Price: $83,200
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 324 miles
  • Battery size: 111.5 kWh

2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range: 326 Miles 

Tesla Model Y charging at a Tesla Supercharging station

After its fulfilling deliveries in March 2020, the Model Y quickly dominated the electric crossover market. In early 2021, a less expensive Standard Range variant was released, but it only lasted for a few months. Now, the cheapest Model Y costs $52,490 (as of mid-June), but it can go 326 miles on a single charge and zero to sixty in just 4.8 seconds. Unlike the ID.4 and Mach-e, the Model Y has optional back seats, but they are only for very small kids, and the option costs $3,000.

  • Base Price: $52,490
  • Federal Tax Incentive: No
  • Range: 326 miles
  • Battery size: 82 kWh

2022 GMC Hummer EV: 329 Miles

2022 GMC Hummer EV Full Review: The Best Electric Pickup Truck (source: Doug DeMuro)

The Hummer electric truck is the most capable light-duty truck offered by GMC, and its specs seem to support that. The Hummer EV truly shines off-road, with features such as Crab Mode and loads of suspension travel. The model currently delivering offers a range of 329 miles, 1,000 horsepower, and a massive 200kWh battery pack. That all comes at a price, though; it weighs over 9,000 pounds and has a sticker of $110,295 for the Edition 1 model. 

Base Price: $110,295
Federal Tax Incentive: No
Range: 329 miles
Battery size: 212.7 kWh 

Mercedes EQS 450+: 350 Miles

Mercedes EQS 450+

Tesla and Lucid are almost always the only two brands people hear about when discussing luxury electric sedans; Mercedes is planning on changing that. The EQS is an ultra-aerodynamic sedan that looks like a modernized version of the S Class. Unlike the S Class, the EQS has a shorter hood, and its rear C-pillar extends not only to improve aerodynamics but also to allow for more headroom and cargo space. The most impressive feature of the EQS is its 350 mile range, which can happen thanks to its large pack paired with a .20Cd drag coefficient. 

  • Base Price: $102,310 
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 350 miles
  • Battery size: 107.8 kWh (useable)

Tesla Model 3 Long Range: 358 Miles

2021 Tesla Model 3

Quickly approaching its fifth year in production (fourth for Dual Motor), the Tesla Model 3 continues to pack a massive punch in the range department. While its price is no longer below the $50,000 mark, it still offers industry leading range figures in its segment. Its 358-mile range estimate outnumbers its rivals like the Polestar 2 and BMW i4.

  • Base Price: $54,490
  • Federal Tax Incentive: No
  • Range: 358 miles
  • Battery size: 82 kWh

Tesla Model S Long Range: 405 Miles

Tesla Model S Plaid in Red

If you don’t think you need to accelerate to sixty in 1.99 seconds, want to save $36,000, and go a little further per charge, well, Tesla has a car for you. The new ‘base’ Model S can achieve 405 miles per charge and run a still rapid 0-60 time of just 3.1 seconds. This is Tesla's longest range option currently available. 

  • Base Price: $99,990
  • Federal Tax Incentive: No
  • Range: 405 miles
  • Battery size: 100 kWh

Rivian R1T Max Pack: 400+ Miles

Rivian R1T ©2020 Andi Hedrick

With a zero to sixty time of just 3 seconds, 14 inches of ground clearance, and a 3-foot wading depth, the R1T is just as capable off-road as on the road. Plus, the truck should have a 400+ mile range in its top guise. While the Max Pack is just a few months away from delivery, R1Ts with the Large Pack are currently delivering, and those have an EPA rated range of 314 miles derived from a 135kWh pack.

  • Base Price: $83,500
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 400+ miles 
  • Battery size: 180 kWh

Lucid Air Dream Edition R: 520 Miles

Lucid Air Dream Edition Range

The longest range EV on this list isn’t a Tesla, but it comes from another Californian EV company, Lucid Motors. In the Lucid Air, the firm offers four variants: Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, and Dream Edition. While all will offer north of 400 miles of range, the Dream Edition is the most impressive. The Dream Edition R will be able to travel 520 miles, according to the EPA. This figure makes the Air the longest range EV yet. 

  • Base Price: $169,000
  • Federal Tax Incentive: Yes
  • Range: 520 miles
  • Battery size: 118 kWh


What is the longest range EV I can buy as new today?

The 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R is the longest range EV on the market sitting at 520 miles.

What is the least expensive new EV that can go over 250 miles?

The least expensive EV that can go over 250 miles is the Chevrolet Bolt, at 259 miles. It starts at $31,000 plus destination, making it an incredibly affordable option. However, due to the risk of battery fires, the Bolts have been recalled, but hopefully they'll be available at dealerships for the summer. 

What is the longest-range electric car coming out this year?

The longest range EV set to deliver this year is the Lucid Air Grand Touring, with a 517-mile EPA-estimated range.

Which Tesla has the most range?

The Model S Long Range boasts more range than any other Tesla with 405 miles on the EPA cycle.

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