The Tesla Model 3 sedan receives praise for its roominess, not only as far as cargo is concerned, but also passenger space. The Model Y crossover banks on that strength and improves on it, with even more space for people and their gear.

With that said, we continue to ask, why would someone buy the Model Y if they can get a Model 3 much cheaper? Aside from the extra space, the Model 3 seems to be the better car overall. It has more range, it's a better performer, and Tesla has had plenty of time to work out all the bugs. Now, the Model 3 has been refreshed to match the Model Y, so as far as interior design and features, the two are equal.

The answer here is pretty obvious, but it's still worth looking into. The Model Y is considered an SUV, at least by Tesla. We'll call it a crossover, but by today's standards, basically, everything is an SUV for marketing purposes. SUVs are more popular on our shores, and if you're a tall person, you may be looking at a Model Y instead of a Model 3. 

YouTube video host Chad Lunsford is just over 6 feet tall. Sure, some will say, "That's not tall," but it's tall enough. In the US, any man that hits 6'3" is considered very tall. The average guy is under 6 feet, and less than 15 percent of men in our country are over 6 feet tall.

Lunsford hops into the Model Y with the camera covering just the right angles. It gives us a solid idea of how much head- and legroom he has in the driver's seat. Then, he moves to the rear seat, right behind the driver's seat. He leaves the driver's seat in the rear position, as if he's driving. Lunsford says it was important for him to find a car that is comfortable, especially for longer trips.

Fortunately, Lunsford feels he made a good choice. He can comfortably sit in any of the Model Y's seats, even in the rear with the front seats in their rearmost positions. We're certain this wouldn't be true of the available third row, but that's a different story for a different day.

We'll leave you once again with the same question. Is the Model Y really worth the price premium over the Model 3? Leave us a comment.

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