Tesla calls the Model Y a mid-size SUV. Some people would argue that it's a compact crossover. Others just see it as a hatchback. At this point, while vehicles are divided into classifications, it really has turned into a marketing situation. While SUVs sell well in the U.S., the same isn't so true of sedans, wagons, and minivans. So, how does the Model Y really measure up?

No matter how many times you've seen a picture of a car or a video, it's still difficult to envision exactly how it would fit in your garage or driveway. In addition, getting a solid concept of its passenger and cargo space is equally difficult until you've actually sat inside it yourself, transported some passengers, and loaded up the cargo hold.

Tesla Model Y owner and YouTuber Ryan Shaw gets out a measuring tape and films himself measuring every aspect of the Model Y inside and out. This isn't content you'd find often during "normal" times, but in the midst of a global pandemic, many people are bored and have a whole lot of time on their hands.

Check out the video and let us know if the Model Y measures up for you.

Video Description via Ryan Shaw on YouTube:

Measuring Everything On The Model Y - Inside and Out

Today I measure everything inside and outside the Model Y from the trunk space without seats folded, seats folded, the frunk, window sizes, and so much more! If this is your thing, I hope you enjoy, but it will be pretty boring for most (including myself)!

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