Brian Jenkins of i1Tesla is always keeping us posted with solid videos that help Tesla shoppers and owners better understand Tesla vehicles. He just recently took delivery of a Tesla Model Y and has been putting it through the paces for a few months. Now, it's time to pack it with luggage for a trip.

Jenkins also owns a Tesla Model X, so he has options when it comes to vacations. Both vehicles offer him plenty of range and impressive cargo space. However, clearly the Model X is going to fit more luggage. The question here is, how much more?

The Tesla Model Y is much like the Model 3, though the Y has more passenger and cargo space. Eventually, you'll be able to get the electric crossover with a small third row. However, when you look at the Model Y, it doesn't have the tall, boxy shape of many traditional SUVs. Will it still suffice for a typical family's vacation luggage?

The Model X is similar in that it's not shaped like a "normal" SUV. However, its minivan-like design makes it a class leader in terms of cargo volume. Jenkins puts the Model Y and Model X side by side. He packs the same assortment of luggage into both electric crossovers to help us see the difference.

Check out the video for the results. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment below.

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