If you follow Regular Car Reviews, then their style of videos, and the things said in these videos won’t surprise you. However, if you don’t, then you are in for a treat, although you may also find some of the things said in the video offensive, if you’re a die-hard Tesla fan or a proud Model Y owner.

RCR lists the usual things you hear about in Tesla Model Y reviews: some details about the range, the performance, the technology and the image. In fact, it’s the last one that really permeates throughout the entire video - this is not so much a video about the Model Y, but more so a video about the people who own, drive and love them.

It is a (dare I say it) well written collection of stereotypes about the people who own and drive Teslas. What's particularly amusing is even though we are used to brand-related stereotypes, the ones about Tesla owners seem to be quite different to the ones about the people who drive cars from traditional manufacturers.

The vehicle tested in the video is a 2021 Model Y Dual Motor, but it really could have been any Model Y variant - the narrative would have been pretty much unchanged. After watching the video, I scrolled down through the YouTube comments, as I normally once an RCR video is done - it’s usually a gold mine of witty phrases, undeniable truths and the occasional troll.

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