There have been countless tests made to determine just how much better all-wheel drive makes a vehicle in winter, compared to a two-wheel drive variant of the same model. Results do vary a bit depending on vehicle, but several tests have shown that good winter tires can prove more important in many situations, particularly when trying to avoid obstacles or braking suddenly in winter conditions.

Daily Motor decided to see just how good his Tesla Model Y Standard Range rear-wheel drive is in the snow and came out surprisingly impressed. His car was on the standard all season tires that the car came with, but even without winter tires, he was still impressed with the Model Y’s performance and behavior.

The conclusion is that if you live in a place where heavy snowfall is not that frequent, then the rear-wheel drive model is perfectly adequate, although as previously mentioned, dedicated winter tires make a big difference (not only in snow, but in lower temperatures when some all season or summer tires may harden up and not provide their optimal grip levels). Sure, if you want the last word in grip and control, by all means get the all-wheel drive and also fit it with winter tires to drive the Model Y at its safest and most surefooted.

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