Starting around November, and continuing through March or so, InsideEVs gets an influx of content related to  and winter driving. Most of it comes from Tesla owners, though there are exceptions. However, while we see loads of Model 3 (and now Model Y) winter driving tests, we rarely get to see Tesla's flagship Model X taking on the white stuff.

This is mostly because many more people own the Model 3, and many of the folks who report on Tesla or have a Tesla- or EV-related YouTube channel just happen to own a Model 3. With that said, it seems the Model X would be a solid winter ride with its standard dual-motor all-wheel drive, strong torque, heavy weight, and low and balanced center of gravity. Our friends at All Electric Family put it to the test.

As you can see in the video above, All Electric Family's home – Nebraska – gets hit by a huge winter storm, with an expectation of about a foot of snow over the course of the day. While heavy snow can put a damper on life, it provides a welcome opportunity to play with the kids and test the Model X's winter weather capability.

All Electric Family takes its 2020 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus (AWD) with all-season tires out for a drive to show us what you might expect in the snow. Katie shares that the Model X tends to fog up inside. She wonders if this is common among Teslas or just an issue with her Model X. Comment below if you have insight about this.

As far as driving is concerned, the Model X accelerates with ease. Its traction control does a nice job of keeping it from sliding around or losing control. However, like with any EV, the Model X's regen can catch you off guard and send you slipping. You can turn the regen to low to prevent this. In addition, Katie uses Chill Mode and Slip Start on ice and snow when necessary.

Katie admits that she did get stuck briefly, but she was able to simply back up and then proceed forward. As we always say, it doesn't matter what car you drive in the snow, you're likely going to slip and get stuck, especially if you don't install proper winter tires.

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