Iowa Tesla Guy from eastern Iowa owns a new Tesla Model Y electric crossover. His area just received its first big snowstorm, dropping some four to five inches of the white stuff. Sure, there will definitely be worse conditions ahead, but this video paints a nice and organized picture of what you can expect from the Tesla in winter weather.

It's important to note that this particular Model Y is wearing stock tires. Still, it performs quite well. This is likely since the snow isn't super deep, and it's wet and heavy rather than light and slick. At any rate, with proper winter tires or snow tires, we expect the crossover would fare even better.

Iowa Tesla Guy's video impressed us for several reasons. It's relatively short (we don't need a 37-minute video to show a Tesla in the snow) and it's organized into logical sections, which makes it quick to answer the most obvious questions.

The Model Y's traction control is tested right off the bat. Then, Iowa Tesla Guy performs braking/stopping tests. What happens when you round a corner, does it slide? He provides some examples of this as well. Finally, Iowa Tesla Guy tests the Model Y's slip start feature.

At the end of the video, he provides a nice summary of the tests and the results. Overall, he's very happy with how the Model Y performed. Hopefully, he'll get some snow tires and head out when conditions are even worse.

In the meantime, scroll down to our comment section and provide your unique thoughts. Is there anything you can share about EVs in cold weather or slick conditions that may help a fellow owner?

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