How does the Tesla Model Y fare in deep snow without good snow tires? Tesla Canuck tested it out after what he called a "good old-fashioned Canadian snowstorm." Yes, in some parts of the world there is already snow falling, in addition to deep snow on the roadways.

Whenever we post about cold weather or deep snow, people race to the comment section to talk about how it's not THAT cold and it's not THAT deep. However, in this case, we think many people will agree that the snowstorm dropped quite a bit of the white stuff. We wouldn't really want to go out driving in it if we didn't have to, especially without winter tires or snow tires.

We've been reminding you for a few months now, get your winter tires situated before you have a snowstorm like this one. Tesla Canuck's Model Y was still wearing its stock all-season rubber when this storm set in. While that probably wasn't the best idea, it makes for good video material.

Canuck explains that there was rain before the snow, and it froze, so the roadway beneath the snow is a sheet of ice. Despite some people's misconceptions, when you're dealing with driving on a sheet of ice, even all-wheel drive and the best tires may not help you much. However, having the right tires for winter weather is the best plan.

Canuck tests the Tesla by "bombing around in the deep stuff." He also does a hard braking test and an icy hill test. However, the most interesting test is arguably testing the Model Y's regenerative braking in the icy conditions. In the end, Tesla Canuck says you're going to want proper winter tires on your Model Y to deal with ice and snow like this.

Check out the video. Then, share your winter driving experiences and tips with us in the comment section below.

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