We haven't really seen much coverage of the Tesla Model Y in cold weather or winter conditions. This is because the electric crossover just came to market in March 2020, and it's only currently available in the States. Aside from a few exceptions, like Alaska and high mountain peaks in the northwest U.S., cold temps, snow, and ice aren't all that common on our shores between April and August.

We did share one video of a Tesla Model Y driving in a winter storm (linked below), and we've shared Tesla's winter testing videos, but owners' reports of the Model Y in winter conditions are just starting to surface. Our friend EV Dave was on his way back from Pikes Peak and he stopped at a buddy's house in Wyoming. He says it was 88F when he arrived and 28F the next day, with snow falling. Not fun, but a welcome opportunity to do a little Tesla winter driving.

We know full well that people will start a conversation in the comments about how 28F isn't cold, the snow isn't deep, they've seen much worse, etc. This isn't a competition about whose weather is the worst, that's not the point here.

As the real threat of winter bears down in a few months, we'll have all sorts of videos and articles to share about the Model Y in . For now, this is about as bad as it gets, and it's a good indication of what's to come. Regardless of the temp or depth of the snow, it's useful to learn about how any car, and especially an EV, will be impacted by the temperature drop and slick conditions.

The Model Y features all-wheel drive, more ground clearance than the Model 3, and a heat pump, which isn't currently available on any other Tesla vehicle. While the Model Y may not outclass many hardcore SUVs when it comes to winter driving, it should be a better option than the Model 3 for people who live in areas that experience hard winters.

Watch the video to learn what EV Dave experienced in his Model Y. Then, share your winter EV driving experiences with us in the comments section below.

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