Electric cars have reduced range in cold weather, and they take longer to charge. However, in most cases, this shouldn't be an issue. Having an is still better than having a gas car that simply may not start at all.

Our friends at All Electric Family are dealing with frigid temps out in Nebraska. While we're very concerned about all the people in danger due to the extreme weather and power outages, this crazy winter weather provides an opportunity for EV owners to set the record straight when it comes to owning an electric car in cold weather. What's it like to drive a Tesla Model X in the extreme cold?

Necessary Tangent

It's probably safe to assume you're well-aware of the crazy winter cold snap out west and down south. Let's face it, it's pretty much cold almost everywhere in the U.S. right now, excluding exceptions like Florida and SoCal. However, states down south and out west don't necessarily have the means or experience handling extreme temps and heavy snow.

To make the situation even worse, practically the entire state of Texas is without power. Many homes don't have access to clean water. Fortunately, power is quickly being restored to millions of homes and businesses, but many people are still in grave danger.

As we work to cover EVs in cold weather, we've noticed that some people in Texas are actually living in their Teslas.


They're also using some electric cars and hybrids to help generate power for their homes.


Meanwhile, some people are incorrectly reporting that renewable energy is responsible for the power outages in Texas, but that's simply not the case. Instead, it's Texas' dated fossil-fuel-powered grid, the lack of the proper regulations and maintenance, and an outright ignorance to years of warnings that are the real issue here. It's high time for EV adoption and renewable energy to take hold for a safer, cleaner future.

While we feel like we should apologize for the tangent here, it needed to be shared. All Electric Family's brief video really speaks for itself. The weather is -6°F, and they left the Model X out in the cold overnight. Check out the video to learn more.

More importantly, let's start a conversation about the situation in Texas, as well as the benefits of electric cars and renewable energy. Share your comments below.

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