Why buy a used Tesla Model S over a new electric car like the Tesla Model 3. Is it safe, practical, and affordable? Is the tech up to date? Will it last? Brand-new Australia-based YouTube channel ReDriven has all the answers.

If you're looking to buy your first electric car, chances are, you've realized they're not cheap. Sure, there are a few new models that aren't super expensive, but they don't offer a ton of value. Aside from the Tesla Model 3, many entry-level EVs are short on range, not to mention having basic interiors and arguably polarizing looks.

If you could buy the most popular electric car on the planet, and get it cheap on the used market, that would be great, right? Many people are likely searching for a well-priced used Tesla Model 3. However, you're not likely to find a very good deal. The Model 3 hasn't been around very long, and used prices aren't that impressive. In fact, if you have to choose between a new or used Model 3, you may actually be better off buying it new, especially since it was just refreshed.

As we've shared before, if you want the cheapest Tesla available today, a used Model S is the way to go. It's not hard to find many choices of used Model S sedans that are cheaper than a new or used Model 3.

ReDriven checks out used cars and reviews than much like a typical new car review. They also create a helpful cheat sheet to put all the car's details in one place.

Watch the video and check out the cheat sheet to help decide if you should start your search for a used Model S. Then, drop us a line in the comment section below.

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