Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw was one of the very first Model Y owners we covered. He has been keeping us up-to-date about his Model Y throughout the course of the year. Now, after putting 14,000 miles on the car, he's decided it's finally time to provide an in-depth look at Model Y ownership.

The Model Y electric crossover came to market back in March, so the very first owners are just now hitting their ninth month of ownership. Early on, we heard about many quality issues, much like we did with the Model 3 in its early days. However, we've also heard from many owners who seem satisfied with their Model Y regardless of any small concerns.

Shaw says he also decided to put this video together to highlight the 2021 Model Y, which has some changes and updates when compared to his early version. Moreover, he talks about more changes we can expect going forward. With that said, Shaw says you may want to be patient and wait to buy a Model Y, especially if you're picky.

The video begins by comparing the two currently available Model Y variants. What do they cost, how are they equipped, and what are your options? This sheds light on the fact that there is still no "cheap" Model Y option, and the promised three-row seven-seat configuration is still not being delivered. Just those two reasons may be enough to make many people wait.

Shaw goes on to outline his Model Y ownership experience in detail, with special attention on his total costs involved. He also goes through the car's features and speaks to the overall driving dynamics. 

While we know that many people seem to be in a hurry when it comes to getting a new car, and this seems especially true related to Tesla ownership, do your homework. Figure out exactly what your budget and priorities are. Do you need the space? How about three rows? Are you planning on paying for Full Self-Driving? Are you okay with some potential quality issues?

Check out Shaw's detailed video and then leave us your takeaways in the comment section below. In addition, we'd love to know if you have a Model Y reservation. Are you waiting? If so, why?

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