How has the Tesla Model Y electric crossover treated this owner over the course of about four months and 10,000 miles? As expected, there is plenty of positive information to share, as well as some issues.

The Tesla Model Y was expected to arrive with a bang. Some people, including CEO Elon Musk, insisted it would easily be Tesla's best-selling model to date. This made perfect sense since the Model 3 has been so successful, and the Model Y is really just a crossover version of the popular electric sedan.

However, the Model Y launched right around the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, which certainly didn't help. For this reason, we're just now getting to the point now that the electric crossover is getting more coverage and owners are dropping their personal reviews after finally putting a respectable number of miles on the Model Y.

Independent video car reviewer Gjeebs took delivery of his Model Y near the end of July. In a little less than four months, he's racked up 10,000 miles, which is a lot of driving over a short time. Based on some reports, you'd think the car would be in pieces by now. However, according to many other happy Model Y owners, it's a great crossover with lots to offer.

As you quickly learn from the video, Gjeebs is crazy about keeping the Model Y clean. Interestingly, he chose white paint and a white interior. He talks at length about paint protection film and cleaning the white synthetic leather upholstery. 

Gjeebs takes a look at interior space and shows that there's plenty of legroom in the back. However, if you're taking a longer trip, fitting three people in the rear seats may be cramped, especially if they're all adults. However, four adults should fit just fine in the Model Y, and there's plenty of cargo space.

In terms of driving dynamics, there are really no surprises here. As expected, Gjeebs is impressed by the Model Y's instant torque and smooth acceleration. He says the Model Y handles well, rides relatively smoothly, and has very little body roll. 

Gjeebs wraps up the video by pointing out the car's imperfections. There's a deep paint nick in the plastic near the headlight, and the plastic inside the wheel-well is broken, which leaves a gap. The doors don't line up perfectly, the inside of the doors aren't properly finished, and there's even tape inside the door seal. He also shows gaps in interior fitment.

Once again, we have a Tesla Model Y owner who seems quite happy with the car overall. However, it's increasingly clear that Tesla still has plenty of inconsistencies related to build quality and fit and finish.

As always, check out the video and then leave us your comments below.

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