For a limited time, Grizzl-E is offering InsideEVs readers $25 off the purchase of either the Grizzl-E Classic home EV charging station or the new Grizzl-E Extreme Edition. Just use promo code INSIDEEVS7 at checkout.

It's a generous offer considering Grizzl-E home EV charging stations are already so affordable; the Grizzl-E Classic costs just $399 and the Grizzl-E Extreme Edition costs $499. What's the difference between them? Instead of the Classic's standard 18-foot cable, the Extreme comes with a longer 24-foot premium cable that stays flexible in cold weather. A coupler lock with keys is also included in the box, as well as camo-style EasyEVPlug holsters for both J1772 and Tesla connectors. Lastly, the Grizzl-E Extreme Edition comes with an industry-leading 5-year Replacement Warranty, compared to the standard 3-Year Replacement Warranty for the Classic and less for most competitors. 

Use promo code INSIDEEVS7 at checkout to receive $25 off your purchase.

Both Grizzl-E chargers use an all-metal cast aluminum case, which is an exclusive among home EV charging stations (the rest use plastic) and makes them both fire and water-resistant, as well as earns them a coveted NEMA-4 electrical enclosure rating. Their internal components have also been selected and carefully assembled for the longest operational life possible, regardless of whether they're used during blazing hot American summers or cold Canadian winters.

Grizzl-E Home Charger
The Grizzl-E Classic home EV charging station.

As for their specs, the Grizzl-E Classic and Extreme Edition can deliver up to 40-amps of power to your car, making them among the most powerful EV chargers available today. You would need a 50-amp dedicated circuit for that amount of power delivery, but no worries if you don't have one, because Grizzl-E chargers can limit the amount of power they deliver to your EV, allowing you to install them on a circuit less than 50-amps. By setting the dip switch to match the amount of power your circuit can deliver, you can restrict a Grizzl-E charger to a 16-amp, 24-amp, or 32-amp output. That flexibility is another big advantage for Grizzl-E chargers, as most EV chargers are not capable of physically adjusting their maximum output, and software-based power settings are not recognized by most electric safety boards across the US and Canada.  

Grizzl-E Extreme Edition Home EV Charging Station
Grizzl-E Extreme Edition Home EV Charging Station

Own a Tesla? The Grizzl-E Classic and Extreme Edition work great with them too and can deliver a full 10 kW of power to the car. Most home chargers are limited to delivering only about 7 kW. The Grizzl-E can fully charge a Tesla Model 3 Long Range in about 7.5 hours, while a competitor's 30-amp home charger would take 10.5 hours and likely wouldn't completely finish charging it overnight.

What's next for Grizzl-E?

The Grizzl-E Duo and Grizzl-E Mini are coming soon. Arriving sometime in September, the Grizzl-E Duo will be the company's first dual home EV charging station that can charge two cars at once. It will feature master and slave plugs, with charging priority going to the master plug. The Grizzl-E Mini, meanwhile, will have the smallest form factor of any smart EV home charging station on the market capable of delivering up to 10 kW of power. Stay tuned for more as Grizzl-E continues to shake up EV charging in North America. 

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