Depending on where you get your news, you've probably heard that the Tesla Model Y is amazing and one of the best cars of the year. You've probably also heard that it's riddled with quality and fit and finish issues. Heck, right here on InsideEVs you'll find plenty of articles exposing issues while also raving about the Model Y overall.

There's no doubt, Tesla hasn't worked out all the bugs when it comes to quality control. Early on, we can blame Tesla haters or "one-off" cases. However, at this point, based on many reports from individuals, Tesla skeptics, Tesla fans, mainstream media, major automotive publications, etc., regularly point out Tesla's quality issues.

Over time, just like with the Model 3, Tesla will continue to improve the Model Y's overall quality. In the meantime, it's a fantastic car in many ways, though if you are a stickler for the details, and fit and finish issues are something that will eat you up inside, you should probably wait to buy a Model Y.

TechnologyExpo takes an up-close look at the Model Y to expose the things it hates the most. Most are related to quality and fit and finish, while others are simply a matter of preference. For instance, they point out that there aren't heated or tinted side mirrors, there's no available air suspension, and the Tesla logo is not on the calipers like it is with the Model 3, Model S, and Model X.

Have you seen a Tesla Model Y up close? Do you own one? We'd love to get our take on the car's overall quality and fit and finish. In addition, let us know what you love and hate the most about the car.

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