We've read and watched many reviews that call the Tesla Model Y an excellent car. However, we've also learned about a fair share of concerns. When considering the whole package, should you really spend over $60,000 on this Tesla crossover?

Ben Sullins has been promoting Tesla for years. He's a huge fan and has owned several Tesla vehicles. However, more recently he announced that he'd be dropping the 'Teslanomics' name and changing his focus somewhat. While he still covers Tesla, he also covers other emerging technologies, companies, products, sustainable energy, etc.

In addition to the above changes, Sullins has taken a bit of a turn to helping people decide whether a Tesla is really right for them, rather than simply sharing how awesome the cars have been for him. This means his focus strayed from simply promoting Tesla, to getting in-depth into the cars and reporting on issues he's had. This is not to say Sullins doesn't still have positive things to say about the company, but he's sure not afraid to share problems and call Tesla out when something's not right.

With the said, Sullins has already published a video sharing Model Y issues to look out for before taking delivery. Now, he goes a step further and talks about whether or not the crossover is worth the $68,000 he paid for it. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Should you buy a Model 3 instead, or wait until the Model Y is available in less expensive variants?

Check out Sullins' take. Then let us know yours in the comments section below.

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