We've shared over and over how the new Tesla Model Y crossover compares to the popular Model 3 sedan. They're actually the same vehicle in many ways due to sharing platforms and parts. Many reviewers will be quick to tell you the Model Y is a better option since it's more practical, has more passenger and cargo space, and it's new, so Tesla has made updates and improvements over the Model 3.

The Tech of Tech talks about the two cars and comes to what he calls an "unpopular opinion" that the Model 3 is better. He points out several reasons he feels this way, and they make perfect sense. However, this certainly doesn't mean the Model Y isn't the better car for some people. Choosing the best car for you comes down to your budget and priorities.

We have sort of a love and hate relationship with car comparisons. On the one hand, they can be very valuable. This is especially true if you're familiar with one of the cars, but not the other. How does a car that you're considering buying compare to one that you already own or have at least some experience with?

On the other hand, comparisons can rely heavily on the reviewer's personal opinions. Sure, they can point out potential concerns or issues as well. However, in many cases, the reviewer is sharing why one of the cars is the better vehicle for THEM, which may or may not make it a better car for YOU. The nice part here is you can inundate yourself with written reviews and video reviews from a wide variety of perspectives before you make your final decision.

The Model Y is much more expensive than the Model 3 (at least for now). You're looking at $52,990 versus $37,990, respectively. While the Y is more practical for families, the 3 has a bit of a performance edge. The Tech of Tech gets into more details about how these cars are different, and why he likes the Model 3 better.

Which Tesla would you choose? Do you already own one? Leave us some insight in the comment section below.

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