We've come to love Rich Rebuilds and his wide array of videos from rebuilding Teslas  and other EVs, to building a replica of the Tesla CyberQuad. Therefore it pains us to hear that he's actually considering taking a break from buying EVs for a while.

In his weekly segment on the YouTube channel E For Electric called "Talking Shop With Rich Rebuilds", Rich says that he's seriously considering buying a gas car as his next vehicle. He admits that he's not going to sell his Tesla, or his other electric vehicles, but since he's finding it hard to find an EV that he likes in his price range, he may be turning to a gasser. 

"It's something that I still haven't gotten out of me as yet, ya know, that gas running in my veins"- Rich Rebuilds

He talks about being interested in electric vehicles other than those made by Tesla, but he's concerned that he won't be able to go to the far off places that he needs to because the charging infrastructure for non-Tesla vehicles isn't robust enough for him to be comfortable. 


While we admit that Tesla is still far ahead of everyone else with public fast charging, the competing networks are gaining traction. Electrify America for instance, now has over 400 locations with roughly 2,000 individual chargers in the US. 

Although Rich has mostly become known because of his work repairing and rebuilding Tesla vehicles, he and Tesla haven't had a good relationship. The problems with Tesla dates back from his initial purchase of a salvaged Model S and his desire to rebuild it. Tesla wasn't very helpful (check out the embedded video of how Rich got started), so Rich decided he's create is own electric vehicle repair show and named it theElectrified Garage, and the rest is history.

So take a look at the video above and listen to the man himself explain why he might be going back to ICE. Opinions, comments, questions? As always, leave them below in the comment section.

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