Most car reviews and test drive videos follow a similar format. This is also true of vehicle walkarounds and comparisons. With that said, we're getting to the point that recent Tesla Model Y videos are touching on plenty of information that's already been discovered. Some are still worth sharing, however, since they may point out a few unique details or offer different perspectives.

This recent Model Y video that comes to us from Tesla owner and YouTuber Tesla Raj offers more than just a few interesting features. In fact, the entire video is devoted to "secret" Model Y discoveries that many people haven't noticed.

Raj took the time to dive deep into the Model Y to come up with specific items to point our attention to. For instance, he talks about the magnetic sun visors, the weather stripping and door seals, rear vents in the cargo area for electronics and the subwoofer, excess storage space beneath the front seats, and insulation/seal on the hood for the frunk.

Raj also points out that there is no auto-dimming feature on the side mirrors and no pedestrian warning sound. He does show us that there are speaker holes on the underside of the car for the warning sound, so perhaps it's just not enabled yet. If you're aware of any other Model Y secrets, let us know in the comment section below. 

Video Description via Tesla Raj on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y Secrets

Here are about 6 interesting tidbits or secrets about the Model Y that you may not know!

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