Tesla owner and YouTube influencer Ryan Shaw provides us with a look at the Model Y dual-motor all-wheel-drive (non-performance). He offers some interesting commentary about the towing situation, as well as the cargo space, frunk seal, folding seats, power liftgate, and 20-inch induction wheels.

We've been waiting for some more detailed videos about the Tesla Model Y. A handful came out over the weekend, following the official start of deliveries on Friday, March 13, 2020. We've shared most of them here, but there still isn't an in-depth driving review or anything highly produced, etc. We know these shares are coming, but we'll have to wait a bit longer. With that said, the video above offers a good foundation for people with initial questions.

Check out the video and leave us any other details you've gleaned. If you have taken ownership of a Model Y, reach out to us in the comments or via email (contact@insideevs.com).

Video Description via Ryan Shaw on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y - Detailed Walkthrough of Key Features

Walking through all the exterior and interior features of the Tesla Model Y with new photos thanks to Charles and Kaylee Bowers who got their White AWD Model Y delivered yesterday 3/14/2020.

Tesla Raj Review: https://youtu.be/A02SV63bwok

Trailer Mode Article: http://bit.ly/2U7nB3R

In this video I break down the following:

The Tesla Model Y trunk, model y frunk, and model y exterior. We get a good look at the Model Y chrome delete, the induction wheels, and the way that the frunk has a donut seal on it. We also go into detail about how the Model Y liftgate works and how the Tesla Model Y hatchback provides ample space. Using laundry baskets and a purse, Charles and Kaylee Bowers gives us a great look at how much we can fit in the back.

We also look into how the Model Y seats recline or fold down and the fact that the center seat can fold down all on its own, but that it leaves a bar protruding in the way, which could be annoying. The Model Y glass roof appears to be amazing and incredibly panoramic.

In regards to the lack of a Model Y cargo shelf or Model Y cargo cover, it appears that Tesla is relying on the ample under storage compartments, frunk, and rear tinted windows which appear to be standard in all Model Y's. This is the first Model Y AWD we've seen delivered and it includes the 20-inch induction wheels.

Hopefully, soon we will see Tesla delivering the Model Y AWD with 19 inch Gemini Wheels, and eventually the RWD Model Y and standard range Model Y.

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