For a variety of reasons, I decided to sell my 5-year-old Tesla and get a new car. First, I surveyed the market to see what was available (summary available here). After a number of test drives and considering many factors, I decided to buy the Tesla Model S Performance again. I had previously purchased the 2014 Tesla Model S P85D (the highest performance Tesla available at the time in December 2014).

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Medium, written by Joe Beninato.

Tesla Model S

Here’s what I noticed is different in the 2020 Model S vs. the 2014 :

  1. The pricing has come down substantially. A fully loaded Model S Performance is around $112k if you pay the ridiculous $7k full self-driving fee (which has been promised to be coming since 2013!). That same car used to cost around $130k with less range (initially 240 miles and then more). Having 340 miles range is nice, and you can get even more with the long-range version if you sacrifice performance. So thumbs up for price and range.
  2. You can no longer order the movable glass roof or the solid body-color roof (which I had in my last car). I don’t like sun shining down in my eyes, so I was worried about the fixed glass roof, but so far it hasn’t been a problem (other than more wind noise than with the solid roof).
  3. Tesla has finally decided to conform more closely with the automotive industry on model years. So as of around November 1, 2019, the cars were all 2020 model year (supposedly with a slight change to the seats, but I’m not sure what changed). I think that’s an improvement. My 2014 Model S was purchased the last week of December 2014. That was a $5k hit on resale vs. the equivalent car purchased 1/1/2015.

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