Faraday Future Explains Why Its First Electric Car Is Called FF 91

Faraday Future


Faraday Future's FF 91

Faraday Future’s FF 91

When Faraday Future unveiled the FF 91, some wondered why the alphanumeric name?

Faraday Future's Jia Yeuting and Nick Sampson in front of upcoming ~378 mile Ff 91

Faraday Future’s Jia Yeuting and Nick Sampson in front of upcoming ~378 mile Ff 91

Well, we finally have an explanation on the naming convention, via Faraday Future senior vice president of research and development, Nick Sampson.

According to Sampson, the naming is rather simple. FF stands for Faraday Future, as we all guessed. But the numbers tell a story.

Faraday Future will use the numbers 1 through 9 to indicate size and price, with 9 being at the top of the lineup. So, the 91 is the flagship vehicle in the automaker’s lineup. The 1 that follows the 9 indicates that it’s the first generation of the model. Therefore, it’s successor would be called the 92.

Future, cheaper Faraday vehicles will be the FF 81, FF 71 and so on.

The only break is this naming convention will be what Sampson calls a halo vehicle. This special vehicle will get a “0” or “Zero” as the model designation, like the radical FF Zero 1 concept Faraday first showed us awhile back.

FF ZERO 1 Concept

FF ZERO 1 Concept

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I’m thinking someone is an F-Zero fan. FF Zero is just too close. Is this company run by Captain Falcon?


The 0 stands for zero interest from the public

I guess this is the top of the line forever….

If they were smart they would leave room for ones in between. If they come out with an 8 and later decide they want something in between the 8-9 what do they do — call it the 8.5?

If this was my scheme – my next would be the 7 then 5 so I could have an “8” or “6” later if needed.

Boy sounds like some other car company – eh?

And so they run into the same problem as the other company you mentioned, because at some point they might want to add a vehicle that is above, lets say the FF11, but below the FF31, so you call it the FF21, but suddenly they come up with another vehicle for that slot, even though its vastly different than the FF21, so they will have to name it the FF21 active tourer.

It’s not really that hard, from a certain point of view.

The current flagship car is the 91.
The next flagship car will be the 92.
That doesn’t mean that the next flagship car will necessarily be similar to the 91.

So maybe the current 01 becomes the new 92, and the next generation of the 91 becomes the new 81 (i.e. everything shifts down).

You’re thinking of it from a BMW-ish perspective where the first number designates the style of the car, but it is no less “logical” to have the first number simply reference a given car’s spot in the hierarchy.

I thought it was FFS with sake=91 🙂

Sake = what management team got wasted on after they had an intern sneak thru the dark to drive the thing to center stage

I’ll take a FF11 then 🙂

(these names also remind me of hexadecimal)

FF Twizy coming right up… Please wait.

I actually like the Twizy. Unfortunately if it ever came to the US, they would limit it to 25mph.


I am really curious who will buy that monster. Now that Tesla opened the doors with its electric cars, there is no more need to create cars like the FF91. In my opinion, what they should have done instead is make an electric car for around 50k and be the electric 5-series (Tesla is going after 7-series and 3-series segment with Model 3 and S). All they would have to do is make a bigger Model 3 with some unique features, stick a price of 50k on it and people would be buying. With the FF91, not so sure…

Nobody will buy the Faraday Future products. Their suppliers are suing to get out of contracts and there are lots of lawsuits about unpaid bills. The only bit of news I’m waiting for about Faraday Future is an arrest or a bankruptcy filing. The engineers appear to have done a fine job building a prototype, but the executives have completely ruined the future.

You just say that since you’re shorting FF stock!



Absolutely Priceless! ?

Do explain how you can short a Chinese company, I am curious to hear that given the limit on sales, the 6 month holding period for people who buy a major portion of the company, the newly implemented stock market rules since the Shanghai crash in 2016 and the fact that people are forced to confess to market speculation at gun point just to keep the market from falling and claim they’ve fixed it.

Short selling LESHI? What do you think this is? America or Europe or something, that’s a Chinese company. They added and withdrew 1 trillion Yuan from the market last week. Welcome to China folks.

Good information, but they were just joking.

“Nobody will buy the Faraday Future products.”

Exactly, and I find it puzzling that so many are still making comments about FF as if it’s actually going to put a car into production.

Seriously, do we really need to read news of an actual bankruptcy filing before people realize that this company, just like its “Zero 1” fake prototype, is nothing but an empty shell?

Perhaps they have financial troubles. They could be solved with new investors coming in, but I doubt anyone would get excited about FF91 selling for $130K+ or whatever their plan is.

If the parent company borrowed versus it’s stock costing 50 USD and the stock retreats back to the 2014 price of 4 USD, no one’s going to fund that much to bail out the parent company in China, pay its debts and then, maybe, eventually pay for the production line in Nevada.

Chinese characteristics, the Leshi ( or Le Eco if you like ) is run in a way that would make Enron look respectable.

Tesla’s method is totally different. Their method is Model S, Model 3, Model X, and later a Model Y. Spelling S3XY, a.k.a SEXY.

Oh boy, if the 91 is the top of the lineup, I am not impressed with their so-called “top of the line” body style. 150k+ for this? I think not.

“…Faraday Future will use the numbers 1 through 9 to indicate size and price, with 9 being at the top of the lineup…the only break is this naming convention will be what Sampson calls a halo vehicle. This special vehicle will get a “0””

Just when you think FF has already reached peek profundity they toss you another golden nugget.

Hey FF have you paid your suppliers and contractors yet???

“Faraday Future Explains Why Its First Electric Car Is Called FF 91”

Because 91 is bigger than 85 or 90, of course… as in Tesla S85 and S90.

Just like naming their wannabe EV-making company after electrical pioneer Michael Faraday is an imitation of naming a company after electrical pioneer Nikola Tesla.


Not just the Company named after Nikola, but they actually used his motor concept: AC Induction Motor, changing from Aluminum to Copper cores!

That’s a retarded naming method. Thankfully it doesn’t matter, since a year from now they will have gone under. Good Riddance, everything they were showing off, Tesla has already done, they were hardly innovating. Plus their vehicles so far have looked like crap.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether many of the posters here are fans of EVs, or just fans of Tesla.

I hope Faraday Future can turn it around and do well. More competition is a good thing.

FF was never gonna compete in any category except vaporware — and possibly scamming investors out of money — so it’s amazing that you’re still defending them.

More competition between compelling mass produced PEVs will be a good thing. More competition in vaporware and false claims… not so much.

Tesla has also went through a stage of being accused of being a vaporware pump-and-dump shop.

Even though companies like Fisker and Aptera have ultimately failed, I think new companies should still be encouraged by self-styled EV advocates.


91% bankrupt.

I think it is “FF 91” simply because its the only name the CEO will sound like he is pronouncing normally.

“First electric car”

As if they are going to make more, let alone even get their concept into production amidst all this bankruptcy talk ROFL

That’s cute! faraday actually thinks they’ve got a “top of the line car” with another 8 models below it. Funny how they didn’t even explain the name at the press conference. Oh yea, because they didn’t have the explanation worked out yet.
Every bit of this company makes me squirm, the presenters, the odd presentation, especially the track race where they brought out 6 production cars and raced them one at a time to 60 mph. *yawn Doesn’t actually demonstrate anything except that Ferarris sound awesome and the FF is quiet. Or how bout the 2 clumsy parking bits? Or the part where they brag about SO much yet prove so little. They gave us numbers, and focused SO HARD on acceleration that we forgot they aren’t well put together. It’s just disgraceful.