Failure Of “Tesla Killers” Actually Boost Tesla


Each failed “Tesla Killer” makes Tesla even stronger.

Until any legacy carmaker comes up with a vehicle capable of hitting 60 from a standstill in under 3.0 seconds, with a range of over 300 miles and fast charging options, all these “Tesla Killers” are doing is simply making Tesla’s position stronger.

After a year of volatility, Tesla stock was up nearly 18% as of last Wednesday’s close. Today it’s up 10.39% as well. While many have been writing obituaries and salivating on the possible death of Tesla, the company – even though it went through a roller coaster ride for the last few months – came out stronger & tougher out of it all.

Only a few months back, Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) was closing in on trading below $250 per share. Additionally, Tesla’s stock was being bashed by a continuous stream of criticism from Wall Street and everybody with access to a blog, it seemed. To make matters worse, one analyst even went so far as calling Tesla “no longer investable” due to the erratic behavior presented on Twitter by the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. For short sellers, however, betting on a dramatic drop and stating things like “Tesla is having difficulties paying their bills” were supposed to be that final straw. But, in reality, that dramatic endgame scenario never happened.

While everyone and their mother seem to be betting against Tesla, the formula or the reasoning behind it might be a bit odd. For example, one of the most notable premises that bears have against Tesla is the notion that, once the legacy carmakers decide to flip the switch on their electric vehicle models, Tesla would be both overwhelmed and seriously outgunned.

However, even as several prominent legacy automakers revealed their first premium all-electric cars this year, nothing really happened. To make matters even worse, all the so-called “Tesla Killers,” have actually fallen short of the rather high standards set by the electric carmaker. And with all the models that have seemingly underwhelmed the buyers, Tesla seems to grow even stronger.

Comparing everything to Tesla

With the Model 3 making strides in both sales and deliveries, the Model S and Model X still selling steadily, the carmaker is doing just fine. In turn, it seems that all the smoke blown by pretty much the entire industry about in Tesla’s face is just serving to boost Tesla’s position. After all, even we are guilty of comparing every other electric vehicle to a Tesla equivalent. And to be completely frank, there are more than a few reasons to do that.

Furthermore, judging by how well the Tesla stock has been trading lately – even with a small drop in the recent few days – the trust the investors are putting in the California based carmaker is growing by the day.

In the end, until a real Tesla competitor comes, one that comes with sub 3.0 second 0-60 time, more than 400 miles of range and a wide variety of fast charging options, the odds will be at Tesla’s favor, that’s for sure. No matter what the shorters may say.

Because, in the end, it’s all about how well the product is perceived by the public and customers alike. And right now, when you say “electric car,” most people will think Tesla. And there’s no way in hell any shorter or analyst can devalue that. With so many manufacturers slowly dipping their feet and wading the waters of EVs these days, there will certainly be a battle ahead that Tesla will have to face. However, right now, every unsuccessful stab at Tesla just makes them come out harder, better, and stronger.

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Nothing’s gonna kill Tesla.
Tesla is more expensive brand.
Even when Kona/Niro EV do well, the targeted markets are different than Tesla.

Elon’s constant hyping and lying maybe..?

Look at this and ask yourself if it is possible Elon isn’t deliberately fooling everyone who wants to believe:

It’s amazing what an image the man has built for himself and many of his ventures. But he uses snake oil tactics, and sooner or later it will catch up with him. Your perceptions of the man may change if you, like me, become completely convinced that he is playing his audiences for fools, while laughing all the way to the bank.

So, where is the videos of others electric cars that are faster than Tesla cars, but cost under a $1,000,000?

So, where is the videos of others electric cars that are longer range than Tesla cars, but cost under a $1,000,000?

So, where is the videos of others electric cars that have OTA updates like Tesla cars.

Maybe you should worry about the liar making videos you watch instead.

Sounds like the holidays are a lonely season for you carpetbombing this thread with your hate and frustration like that. A cynical person ruling out the possibility that there is people out there who have ideals beyond making money. Pretty sad.

Can you give a reasonable ETA for this ‘catch up to him.’ Tesla has produced over 200,000 cars and selling everyone one they can make. SpaceX is regularly launching and recovering boosters. I’m a little worried about the Boring company, but we’ll see about the tunnel idea. My Tesla share do indeed have me laughing all the way to the bank, no wait I have a credit union and go online… but I get your idea.

thankfully, the rest of us are not lying to ourselves, like you and the rest of the shorters are.

I think the very worst case would be if Tesla got into trouble (most likely due to a bad recession or something else outside their control) Apple would step in and buy them. Their brand is extremely valuable right now. This really comes into focus when I meet other Tesla owners. They range from 20s to 80s and previously owned everything from BMWs to Prius to domestic pickup trucks.

Apple will never own Tesla. Google will buy them LONG before Elon sells to Apple.

Thankfully, elon is not as arrogant as your statement. If he was, then Tesla would have died.
Elon KNOWS that Tesla can be killed. He also knows that Tesla can be the largest car maker in 3-4 years.
BUT, he is not arrogant about it.

Mustn’t get too gloaty though – Tesla ultimately may not survive (or it will get bought out) but it will still have achieved its mission against all odds .

I try to remind myself that it’s not all about the T badge (and the courage and innovation), rather it is about humans not having to burn things to get from A to B and finally escaping the energy forms used in 1882.

Right… so if Tesla goes under now, having lost billions of investor’s funds, it would “still have achieved its mission”! There’s clearly no limit to how naive people can be. BY LAW, the purpose of a corporation is to make money for the investors. If that’s not a part of the mission the whole enterprise should be organized as something other than a corporation. Tesla has achieved some impressive feats, but the greatest of them is the overblown image of what it has achieved. It’s CEO is a snake oil salesman the likes of which the world has never known. Have a look at how he creates the IMPRESSION that his demo tunnel shows the boring company lowered the cost of tunnels by 99%, and how easy it is to figure out that the tunnel cost is actually just about average (and ten times as high as the low end) for such projects. And wonder why it is journalists aren’t uncovering these basic flaws in the story he tells, despite easy access to experts in addition to Wikipedia… Long term Elon’s dirty tactics and pathological lying will become a problem even for Tesla. When people begin to see him for… Read more »

I don’t think there is a law forbidding a company from having a social conscience.

Also, being a for-profit corporation doesn’t mean that you must “make money for investors,” it only means that you have stated an aim to make a profit. You are not legally required to achieve that aim. It certainly doesn’t require to to refrain from having a mission of advancing sustainable transportation, which Tesla certainly has.

In fact, until reagan, nearly all American companies had social conscience about what they were doing.

Weird, I remember starting a small company to help upgrade members of my computer club.

I remember the parts I bought, I remember the government registration papers, I even remember having to pay taxes. I don’t remember ever seeing a law saying I MUST MAKE A PROFIT.

It is the good thing to do, in the long run it is the required thing to do if you want to keep running the company, BUT no way is it the law that a company can not exist for any other reason.

I’d buy some Tesla brand snake oil… kidding aside. The Boring company is still a very small brand. It’s also a private company, so the true cost will be difficult to know.

How do you define long term. Tesla (Motors) has produce over 200,000 cars and is starting to outsell brands that AREN’T bothering to replicate what Tesla is currently doing. Sure, they are talking about it, but it’s hard to think that there isn’t enough market even if BMW/Ford/Nissan started to try to produce 100,000 cars a year as well.

Boring did not reduce cost of tunneling they just went over regulation and public hearings and used an old sewer tunnel shield and Tesla X. I was expecting the skates

Having seen how good our car and stock is doing and the fact that he has kept his word on everything (his time lines were NEVER promises; only idiots or crooks claimed that).
OTOH, you are not just denigrating a great man, but at the same time, you are constantly lying. The snake oil salesman has been you and your type.
Go back to the GOP website.

“Tesla ultimately may not survive (or it will get bought out)” this was true of Tesla 2017 and half of 2018. Late 2018 onward its a different narrative. There is no Tesla killer, just Ice killers.

Remember that last guy to try to take Tesla private, whew what a media storm. 😉

It’s too expensive now.

The best selling EV is still the Nissan Leaf. Hopefully some more major companies hurry up and step up their EV game though.

You forget some Chinese market, they sold more than your imagine.

Let’s see, the Leaf passed 300,000 cumulative global sales in January 2018. The Model 3 reached 100,000 in October of that year.

It may take to the end of 2019 before the Model 3 surpasses the Leaf in total global sales.

I am a fan of Elon Musk, but i do not affiliate myself with any cult.
I do not see the problem, if Nisan sold 300,00 Leaf then it is number one, that fact that it has been sold for 8 years is irrelevant.
The leaf is a good car if you do not have 50K to 70KUSD to spend on a car.

This is an EV web site not a Tesla site. The more choice, the better for the EV community.

It does depend on how you define “best selling”.

Model 3 is certainly the *fastest selling* EV right now, so wins on that score. It also likely beats the Leaf if you limit the data to just US-based sales, as Model 3 has largely been US-only so far, while Leaf sales are distributed internationally.

However, counted cumulatively and globally, the Leaf is, as you say, far out in the lead for now.


It’s nothing short of astonishing that this comment got voted down on an EV website. It literally consists of one indisputable fact plus the hope that major players step up their game.

I guess it’s possible to speculate that what you said might point to a preference for an established player to succeed at the expense of Tesla. Cult members apparently go into attack mode as soon as they suspect you may not have Musk in your heart!

It’s just such a silly counterpoint, and ultimately only a “yeah, I guess technically that’s true.”

300,000 sales globally in 8 years is so bad. I’m surprised they haven’t pulled the plug already (pun intended). That’s less than 40,000/yr globally, with no perceivable traction.

Next year, the Leaf will once again sell less than 40,000, and the Model 3 will sell nearly 250,000.

“more major companies hurry up and step up their EV game”? Man, Nissan still needs to step up their game.

Remember, the I-Pace may hit 50,000 next year. And the Taycans for 2019 have already been fully booked. It is not just Tesla who will out-sell the Leaf in the next few years.

You mean cummulative sales for the I-Pace? The produce approx. 2000 a month, so it will be very hard to hit the 50.000 mark by the end of 2019.

If the demand is there, they will ramp up the production

One would hope that they do. But bear in mind that they may be constrained, eg by battery supply or factory capacity. Also, Jaguar are not in great shape financially right now, so they will be cautious about over-reaching.

Jags are owned by a big India company

initially yes, jag will be cautious. However, they are owned by TATA. Plenty of money there. If the demand goes way up, then bet on it that India will have a production line installed.

Leaf sales in 2018 first 11 month.
Japan – 25,267
USA – 13,048
Europe – 39,486
World wide – 77,801

This year it will be over 80k.
Next year with the 3 years overdue 60kWh Leaf reaching the showrooms it is likely over 150k.
In China the sedan version of the Leaf (Sylphy ZE) passed 2,000/month in its second month on sale.

Wow. If the Rapid gate never happen it would have easily went for 100k

next year, model 3 will be between 300-500K sold.

It is true to some extent, by comparing to Tesla they give Tesla publicity and make it the gold standard.

As good as that is, I’d rather they follow Tesla’s policies of comparing themselves to gas cars instead of other EVs.

Well, sure. Every time someone claims that XXXX car is a “Tesla killer”, that merely proves they know that Tesla is #1, and is the one to beat.

But to be fair, I think the majority of the “Tesla killer” claims come from journalists trying to make their article about EVs into an interesting “story” by trying to gin up a competition which does not actually exist. Yes, there are a few auto makers — Jaguar is perhaps the most obvious example — trying to advertise their BEV as a head-to-head competitor with a Tesla car. (Altho bizarrely, Jaguar pits its 5-seat I-Pace against the 7-seat Model X, rather than against the 5-seat Model S or 5-seat Model 3.) Trying and mostly failing.

And you don’t think Jaguar chose that angle for exactly the same reasons the journalists do? I’ve seen dozens of news media reports about the advertising campaign for the i-Pace. That’s pretty good exposure.

In other words the media smells ad money from Jaguar, something they can’t seem to squeeze out of Tesla.

Only Tesla’s 100 kWh batteries in the S and X get over or pretty close to 300 miles of range. Then, there’s the LR Model 3 as well.
There is really no need for a 0-62 mph in under 3 seconds for a family sedan or SUV. I’ll definitely take the E-tron’s 5.7 seconds time over Tesla’s 2.9 seconds because I prefer Audi’s build quality and interior appointments.

Shame the etron never arrived in 2018.

It actually did. They delivered the first units

Boasting about the 0-60 time is a sure fire way to increase your insurance premiums here. EV’s (such as Tesla’s) can cost as much as a Ferrari or Lambo to insure. I sort of prefer the way Rolls-Royce talk about things. They say ‘adequate’ when asked about performance. 0-60 times are not the be-all and end-all of an essential feature for me when it comes to buying a car. Some of the car’s I’ve owned in the past have been pretty poor at that. To me it is all about the total package. How it is to drive. Does it carry everything I need it to (sedans are a no go area for me). Range is getting less and less of an issue for EV’s as more CCS 50kW+ chargers are installed. One year ago there were none within 15 miles of me. Now there are six within 10 miles. I charge at home so using them isn’t a requirement but it is nice to know. The quality of the build and interior design (plus cost) are the reasons I won’t be buying a Tesla any time soon. They are not the vehicle for me. But there again, I’m just… Read more »

EV’s can cost as much as Ferrari to insure… I have no idea what \a Ferrari costs but it probably isn’t that much. They are owned by rich old men who don’t tend to drive fast (or often). My Tesla costs $50 more (every 6 months) than my Leaf which was about the same as my Honda Civic.

“carry everything I need to (sedans are a no go area for me)” – prove it. Define need and prove it.

Range matters even if there is a charging station at every mile marker.

I have a large dog that travels in a cage. A hatchback design is perfect for that. I would not want him in the boot/truck with the lid closed. It would be cruel as he is a rescue dog and goes bananas if locked up like that.
With the hatchback/SUV type of design, I can carry him and 4 adults perfectly.

That good enough for you?

agree about your reasoning, but just curious, what kind of dog?

Advertising that your EV is faster than any ICE car (or most) is actually good marketing for now. As everybody bobe to EV that will becom irrelevant as with ICE car now.

You can buy fast ICE car that are cheap to buy but unconfortable or you can buy a slower ICE car that is more expensive, probably slower and with better build quality.

In the near futur we will ahve the option with EV car that we have now with ICE car.

I have been owning a Smart ED car for almost 6 years, its fun, but what an uncomfortable ride. If I had the money I would switch to a model 3 right away.

Price and range are the most important things for success. Acceleration is secondary.

Arguably charging speed is secondary and acceleration is after that.
The thing is – people like acceleration. It certainly isn’t practical but buying a new car is not practical.

I do think after about 6 secs 0-60, 90% of people are 100% satisfied with the acceleration. But for prestige points, acceleration matters. And over $50k, prestige matters.

People have called the Bolt a Tesla killer – obviously not for acceleration but for price and early availability. How did that work out?

Price, range, looks are most important things for success.

Acceleration puts a smile on your face every time you punch it, price and range not so much.

Sometime we want Lambo, but we can only affort a small car that we don’t really like, but we still have to live somewhere and eat

Technically, you have price, range, so acceleration would be tertiary. 😉

Moshe Vaknin - The Electric Israeli

Here is my take. Tesla delivered over 200,000 EVs in the USA, so far. More than 100,000. They have Supercharging network throughout the country. No one does this. It’s a revolution. I just posted this video on my YT channel regarding my trip to Florida. It was not easy, but I did it. No gas, no cost.

I hate it when the media say Tesla killer instead another Electric Car in the books for mass adoption

The one thing that the article did not address was production numbers. Only the Leaf has matched the Model S in production. Even the new Tesla killers are targeted for small scale. Part of the reason for this is that you can’t just convert a factory from ICE to electric car production. Legacy companies will need to learn how to produce 100 k electric cars a year.

GM builds the Bolt and some other gas car (Sonic?) on the same assembly line. I don’t think the factory itself is the biggest hurdle. It is the willingness and ability to actually design and build cars that are superior in their market category to the ICE cars in that class.

Bottom line is that as long as something needs to be referred to as a “Tesla Killer”, then it isn’t one.

If you really want to kill Tesla, then build something that can be discussed on its own merits rather than having to be constantly compared with a Tesla.