EVgo Upgrades Fast Charging Stations To CHAdeMO & CCS Combo

JUN 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

EVgo, which is the largest commercial fast-charging network in the U.S. with over 1,000 chargers, is upgrading its stations to make them compatible with all models of electric cars.

In the most recent project, at 21 popular fast-charging stations in key California markets, the single-plug standard chargers (CHAdeMO) were replaced with dual-standard chargers that include both CHAdeMO and CCS Combo connectors.

Several years ago, when the CCS Combo (J1772 Combo) standard was in its infancy, EVgo installed CHAdeMO-only chargers and now the infrastructure needs to be adjusted to the market, especially to that in U.S. with sales of CHAdeMO-native models now lower than CCS Combo-native models (excluding Tesla, which can use CHAdeMO with a special adapter).

Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo said:

“EVgo is making the electric vehicle charging experience as easy as possible for all drivers, and today’s news that we have added additional capacity at 21 California stations means that EVgo’s network can power even more EVs. The old world is changing, and EVgo is rapidly expanding our network of over 1000 public fast chargers across the US so that more Americans can choose a better way to drive.”

Here is the list of stations that are now equipped with two dual-standard chargers (CHAdeMO and CCS Combo) at each:

EVgo fast charging station

San Francisco

  • Lucky Daly City / 6843 Mission St., Daly City, CA
  • Island Pacific Market / 19691 Hesperian Blvd., Hayward, CA
  • Whole Foods San Francisco (Potrero Hill) / 450 Rhode Island St., San Francisco, CA
  • The Crossroads at Pleasant Hill / 2316 Monument Blvd., Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Whole Foods San Francisco (Market St) / 2001 Market St., San Francisco, CA
  • Whole Foods Redwood City / 1250 Jefferson Ave., Redwood City, CA
  • Public Market / 5959 Shellmound St., Emeryville, CA
  • Westlake Shopping Center / 75 Southgate, Daly City, CA
  • Whole Foods Los Altos / 4800 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA
  • Linda Mar / 1227 Linda Mar Shopping Center, Pacifica, CA

San Diego

  • Mira Mesa / 8110 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA
  • SDG&E Innovation Center / 4760 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA
  • Fenton Marketplace / 2149 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, CA
  • Fashion Valley / 7007 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA
  • Broadway Plaza / 1142 Broadway, Chula Vista, CA

Los Angeles

  • Island Pacific Market / 3300 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach CA 90807
  • Tarragona Plaza / 1000 N Western Ave, San Pedro CA 90732
  • Walgreens Tarzana / 18568 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana CA 91356
  • Grocery Outlet / 9026 Valley Blvd, Rosemead CA 91770
  • BevMo! / 1700C Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach CA 90266
  • 8000 Sunset / 8000 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90046

There are two main non-proprietary standards for fast charging EVs: CHAdeMO and CCS Combo. CCS Combo connectors are used by the Chevrolet Bolt, BMW i3, and numerous other existing and forthcoming EV models from North American, European, and Asian auto manufacturers. CHAdeMO connectors are commonly used by the Nissan LEAF, Kia Soul EV, and (with an adaptor) Tesla vehicles. The 21 station upgrades from EVgo throughout California now have the capabilities to charge EVs using either CHAdeMO or CCS Combo connectors at both chargers.

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It is my hope that someday these are all CCS-only stations, with CHAdeMO dying off in at least the States.

It is my hope that the CCS Franken plug dies off too. May have to get Apple into the EV charging business to kill off the ugly ports 😉

Not gonna happen. CCS will be the main standard in the US and in Europe, period. Even Honda is going CCS.

Go Tesla with your Apple sauce.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get to one standard and made it more complicated and expensive for everyone involved.

It sure would be nice if Nissan, Kia and Mitsubishi just went to CCS – they are the only hold-outs in the USA right now. If Nissan were to make the move, Kia and Mitsubishi would make the jump.

Is KIA using Chademo in the US? They are using CCS in Europe and in the Korean home market.

The Soul EV is CHAdeMO.

Temporarily. They already announced the next version of the Soul EV will have CCS. The Niro EV will be CCS, like all the Ioniq, Kona and all Hyundais going forward.

Kia has made the jump, they are doing CCS for the future. Mitsubishi has no EV on sale (I do not count the lousy i-Miev or PHEVs when it comes to fast charging).
It is basically just one model, the Nissan Leaf, holding out.

I fully expect Nissan to go CCS in Europe & the US within 2 years. Honda is already doing CCS.

I love my i-MiEV, but you’re right not to count it in that it’s no longer being made.

I wish that EVgo would upgrade more locations to 3-4 stations instead of two. In most urban areas 2 stations simply isn’t enough and the unpredictability of knowing whether or not you’re going to find an open charging station is a big impediment to EV adoption.

Baby steps?

They already upgraded all of the stations in Dallas/Ft.Worth to Combo units last year.

The DC area too, courtesy of Electrify America.

Are these still only at 50 kw?

I will be happily surprised if they are all that fast.

The ABB stations can pump the full 125A at 400V, not like the old 100A stations so yes, if the battery can take it, it’s there.

Would LOVE to see AeroVironment do the same in WA and OR. They have had a great 50 kWh network around both states since 2012 with unlimited charging for $20/mo but no CCS.

You wont get far on just 50 kWh. 😉

For now, I would be happy if AeroVironment would just fix their newer charging cables, which are incompatible with the 2018 Leaf!

The all-merciful InsideEVs gods finally gave us the Edit button, please use it 🙂

They should switch to 62.5kW/150A stations. That way vehicles like Kona EV, and Niro EV can be charged in a reasonable amount of time(80% in 50 minutes).

That would be great if the Tarzana Walgreen’s gets dual ABB. But I didnt see it last weekend and the Plugshare app still shows only one. Has anyone else been there this week?

What we REALLY need is for the CCS charger in Baker, CA to come online already! It’s already installed; it just needs to go online!

It’s REALLY hard to drive from San Diego, CA to Henderson, NV (as I did this past week) without it. I had to use the CCS in the Victorville, CA mall, and then top up at the Level 2 in Primm, NV just over the stateline, in order to reach Henderson, NV with a 20-mile buffer left. If the CCS charger in Baker, CA was online, I could have gone straight from there to Henderson.

question: does EVgo SELL CHAdeMO charging stations? I am inquiring for the Windsor Ma. Green Committee.