EV Deal Of The Day: New Mitsubishi i-MiEV – $18,655

MAY 29 2013 BY STAFF 8

Our electric vehicle deal of the day is brought to you by Ourisman Mitsubishi, which is located in Marlow Heights, Maryland.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Interior

Mitsubishi i-MiEV Interior

It appears the Mitsubishi dealer is down to their last 2012, brand new, Mitsubishi i-MiEV.  And they would like to get rid of it.

Quoting a starting MSRP of $30,940, which such features as “front” air conditioning, front airbags and a 0 gallon gas tank, Ourisman has discounted the model by over $12,000 to $18,655.  Which comes to a tidy $11,155 after factoring the $7,500 federal credit.

Hat tip: Commentater P71VIC @ MNL

The Details

The Details

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Marvin Brown in San Diego has four available as low as $19,988 which would be $10,488 after $2000 California rebate.
They also have brand new Coda’s, Fiskars and even Saab’s.

Sadly, I still wouldn’t buy one of these at $10,000. In fact, I’m not even sure I’d pay $8,000 for one. I guess I’d be embarrassed to be seen driving it around. There are so many better, more stylish choices out there.

Would you drive one for $69/month and $0 down for a 2 year lease? That’s what I did with my i-MiEV. At that price, I would even drive a Coda.

There are NO better, more stylish choices out there for this price… and an electric vehicle, which I presume you’re interested in since you’re visiting this site.

The pictures in the article show the “SE” interior, not the “ES” interior. The ES interior doesn’t have steering wheel-mounted controls, leather wrapped surfaces, or brown-colored interior (black on the ES).

My interest in electric vehicles stems mostly from my desire to have a high-tech, futuristic car. You might call it the “geek factor” as such we have a Leaf and a Volt and both seem to fill that desire just fine. The i-Miev is very low-tech inside. But what’s worse is I think it gives the whole EV scene a bad name. I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to convince people that EVs are not just glorified golf-carts. But the i-Miev basically is, as far as I’m concerned. If the Leaf and Volt were not available, I’d probably get a plug-in Prius, or one of Ford’s Energi models. The i-Miev would be bottom of the list.

“There are so many better, more stylish choices out there.”

For the past two and a half years it’s been a Leaf or iMiev where I live, that’s not so many choices. And for the price, the iMiev wins (well, won in my case). Have you ridden in one? It’s actually a very nice machine, fun to drive, and not as mushy/heavy feeling as the Leaf. The styling is definitely unique (I’m not in love with it either), BUT, the style is an example of form following function … it’s an easy vehicle to get into and out of, has good passenger room, and has a pretty big cargo area due to the seats folding fully flat and the high roof line. And, it’s easy to maneuver around other vehicles and to park (we got a better parking spot the other day at a festival because we were able to park in behind a mammoth RV van thing without sticking out into the aisle).

I’m not surprised it’s become a looser because of the styling … but that’s what we get for looking in the mirror so much.

Any deals in Canada?

I have one MiEV. I love it. It is definetly a head turner. You either love the style or hate it. But for me the Leaf is so “normal looking” just like an ICE car. The Miev is something difenitely different. Because of the style, it gives good room for passengers and cargo space. A wife, 2 kids with car seats and still room in the back for a kid bike. If you put down the seats, you will have so much room. It is really a smart design for the car of its size. It won many design awards in JP. The Fiat EV and Spark EV might be more style but not as useful and will not have as much room.

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