Elon Musk Via Twitter: Panasonic Is Sole Battery Supplier For Model 3, S & X

Tesla Panasonic


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to clear up conflicting reports on who will supply battery cells for the Tesla Model 3.

Reports have claimed that Samsung SDI could potentially supply cells for the Model 3, but Musk fully disputes those claims, stating that Panasonic is/will be the sole supplier of battery cells for the Model 3, as well as for the Model S and Model X.

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

If what Musk says is true, then that massive quantity of Samsung SDI cells that Tesla took delivery of recently must be for Tesla Energy products, as we suggested when we broke the news.

So, Panasonic cells for Tesla automobiles and Samsung SDI cells for energy storage products seems to be the choice Tesla has made.

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So Panasonic finally lowered their price?

He didn’t rule out a Roadster battery retrofit with Samsung SDI, but that would be a low volume deal.

You seem to mix LG and Samsung:

Panasonic = M3, S, X (for the time being)

LG = upgraded Roadster

Samsung = ESS / buffer storage (at least rumored given specs)

Just as we thought. Give me immortality, or give me death.

Why can’t you have both?

Because of the stubborn consistency of this eternal principle:
“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”
No soup for You!

You can get two cakes, eat one, and keep the other. If I’m Tesla, I’d make my own soup.

All this food talk is making me hungry. Cake and soup sounds good.

Courtiers: The peasants have no flour to make bread.
SparkEV: Let them…eat cake.

Maybe battery storage for the Giga?
The Giga is suppose to be 100% sustainable,
so filling the roof with solar and a boat load of batteries just might work.

This guy is such a bonehead, though he is a multi-billionaire, and his comments are sending TSLA on a tear. I thought it worthwhile to point out TSLA is hotter than New Orleans lady of the evening on a midsummer day.

I didn’t know Musk read Inside EVs.

An atomic wedgie for the shorts.

I’m confused. What is the gigafactory for then? Post processing after they get the cells?

I thought they were doing much more than that.

Panasonic is entirely responsible for cell production at the Gigafactory. They are installing the production line equipment, and if my understanding is correct, they’re also doing their own hiring.

Tesla is responsible for pack assembly at the Gigafactory. Tesla is also heavily involved, perhaps in charge of, arranging for raw materials to be delivered to the Gigafactory. But again, Panasonic is responsible for what goes on inside the factory as far as making the battery cells.

There’s no contradiction here, at least not that I see.

Tesla is “working” with Panasonic. However, they’re also “talking” and perhaps “negotiating” with everyone else. That seems to have installed appropriate fear into Panasonic. Always work on your BATNA.

Complacency breeds mediocrity. Pretty much the story of the U.S. automobile industry, after about 1967.

Surprising to see what appears to be a positive, or at least neutral, comment about Tesla from “Four Electrics”. Perhaps he has temporarily exited his Tesla short position, and is now hoping the stock will rise before he shorts again? Anyway, for once I agree with what he says. Tesla and/or Elon have made very public statements about approaching Samsung (and maybe other battery makers) about a supplemental supply, because Panasonic has been chronically recalcitrant in ramping up production as fast as Tesla needed them to, leading to production constraints at Tesla. In fact, the main reason Tesla is spending all that money to build the Gigafactory isn’t to lower battery prices; it’s to ensure the very high volume of battery cell production they’ll need for the Model ≡. And I’m quite surprised to see Musk make a public statement that Panasonic is, and will be, the only supplier for all Tesla’s cars going forward. I don’t understand why Elon would give up the leverage that flirting with other battery makers gives Tesla in its negotiations with Panasonic. Perhaps Panasonic has, finally, fully committed to investing as much as needed to complete the Gigafactory, and as a reward, Elon promised… Read more »

The tweets didn’t quite say that. They said that the S/X are Panasonic (not that they will continue to be) and that Tesla are currently planning exclusively with Panasonic to use their cells for the Model 3, which is not out yet and all kinds of changes may and will happen by the time it is.

Good point, thanks vdiv.

Elon is a master at manipulating the media all the fan bases…

Gives them something to ponder about and then the rumor flies… News Media starts to cover it and then set it straight with twit. Double the coverage.

In this case, everyone is doing the supporting role to help Tesla to put pressure on Panasonic to lower the price and invest more money.

Elon Musk is a genius and playing the media game almost better than Trump!

No wonder Elon got an economic degree instead of engineering degree. He knows how to squeeze out the max return on his money!

Elon has Bachelor of Science degrees in both Physics and Economics.


Panasonic is (or will be) lowering their price, of course. When gigafactory starts with production they must do it anyway.
The other reason is:
In 2015 Panasonic released new 3500mAh 18650 model NCR18650GA.
Right now Tesla is using: NCR18650B, and NCR18650PF
By the end of 2016 (or 1st quarter of 2017) we should see for the first time 3800mAh 18650 battery.