Elon Musk: New Tesla Roadster Battery Will Be Available This August



Elon Musk Tweets To Announce New Roadster Battery Availability

Elon Musk Tweets To Announce New Roadster Battery Availability

Four months ago, Tesla announced that a 70 kWh battery & aero upgrade for the Tesla Roadster was coming soon.

Two months ago, Tesla tested the updated Roadster by driving 340 miles with range still left in the pack.

Just days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked, via Twitter, when the Roadster upgrade would be available.  Musk responded:

“New Roadster battery should complete safety validation by end of July, so likely available in August.”

What we still don’t know is pricing for the range-boosting Roadster upgrade. We don’t think it’ll come cheap, but figure Tesla will find a way to make the upgrade attractive to current Roadster owners.

Tesla's Roadster 3.0 Makes 340 Mile Trip With Some Miles To Spare

Tesla’s Roadster 3.0 Makes 340 Mile Trip With Some Miles To Spare

Hat tip to Pawan Sharma!

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my first tip 🙂

Yay! Keep sending them!

Just as I expected. Give the old batteries with low energy density to stationary applications (Walmart) and put new batteries in the new cars.

This upgrade will extend the lifespan of the Roadster by many years. I hope that similar upgrade-battery packs will one day be available for the Model S …

I really like the concept of it in that I had a lot of nice cars that I wish I could have kept if I could have been able to upgrade them. Or if they didn’t have chronic flaws.

I wish they offered a battery pack upgrade for the Mitsubishi i-miev considering the Tesla battery has double the power of the i-miev battery. Not to mention the i-miev out numbers the Tesla roadster ten to one.

Unfortunately us Roadster owners will probably pay more for this upgrade that an IMiev costs new. So volume doesn’t have much impact.

Elon Musk constantly pushing release dates farther and farther back. It kind of makes me wounder would by this time Panasonic start releasing another 10% to 25% improvement in battery energy density. Which in turn could create a Roadster with 450 to 500 miles battery range.

They haven’t pushed back dates on this upgrade. It never had dates. If he hits his target of August it will be 8 months from announcement to availability.

“Elon Musk constantly pushing release dates farther and farther back.”

That’s his spiel since 2008 for Tesla.

Nothing wrong with ambitious goals, but Tesla (and especially Musk keep over-promising on dates and pricing.

Not just with the Roadater, but also future cars such as the Model X and Model 3.

What was the size of the original battery, by kWh and Weight.

Did the car also get a weight reduction with the new battery?

The battery is upgraded from 53kwh to 70kwh. The weight is unknown.

But, I Love This, An Upgrade to a SOLD Car.

Elon, I love you man.

Pawan Sharma: Congratulations!

Tesla Motors has perfected the art of milking every achievement for all the media attention they can wring out of it.

First they announced they’d be making an upgraded battery retrofit for the Roadster.

Now they’ve announced when it will be available.

Next they’ll announce specifications including the price.

Finally, they’ll have a media “event” to advertise the fact that they’ve started selling it.

I’m not objecting, mind you, just amused at Tesla’s ability to play the media like a virtuoso, and get tons of free publicity.

Tesla didn’t announce it, Elon replied to a twitter question from a Roadster owner.

Seems pretty nice from Tesla to offer an upgrade for a car that is starting to be old. But thinking about that, it makes a lot of sense : they need batteries for their storage energy solution, and Model S are still too young for people to swap for a new pack.

the energy storage product line will likely be new product, not refurbished old packs

I was very interested in this upgrade but it looks as though its going to be a package deal and Ill be buying alot of stuff i dont need nor want. I’ve already done the lrr tires on my own.

There will probably be switching out to a model s style connector, which I cant currently use, so i’ll have to buy an adapter for that.

BUt it basically depends on the price. I would have thought after all these years they could do better than 53 to a measly 70

Yeah, but there are limits to volume and energy density. And it’s also likely that these are Model S cells, not the next-gen cells. An upgrade like this would be beneficial, I think, the standpoint that they should have a better warranty and better longevity, as well as more range (and maybe power?).

they still have to fit the batteries into the original geometry of the pack

Ain’t that about 19% increase ? How much increase for the Volt 2.0 ? 6% ?

Since I own both a Roadster and a VOlt, I am in a position to do a comparison:

The Volt’s battery size is not critical as it uses GM’s Megacharger system. If it was critical, no one would pay $150k for an I8.

A roadster cannot use Superchargers, and even many level 2 stations will not work with it due to design defects, some in the Tesla itself, some in Schneiders, LeGrande, and Aerovironments. There may be other brands that also will not work.

Therfore, a larger battery in a roadster is much more desireable in a Roadster than in a VOlt, since, on a roadtrip, you will exhaust the battery anyway.

Of course its a new car, but its not a 6% increase but a 43% increase in the New Volt over the original, in much less time (50 vs 35).

But any improvement in the Roadster’s range would be welcomed. It all basically, to me, boils down to price, and how much extra unwanted stuff i’ll have to buy. I would prefer to just do a clean swap for the battery only and not do any other hardware. Just as very very few Roadster owners paid $12,000 for a battery warranty (since the agreement basically states if Tesla can’t fix it they’ll give you your $12,000 interest free after 7 years – a raw deal for consumers and therefore almost no one signed up), similiarly, if the price is too high, people will suffer along with what they currently have.

I think Tesla will be keeping it safe and cheap. It will be a simple swap, matching the original geometry and handled by the existing TMS. If they’re doing this to allow them to provide replacements, the last thing they’d want would be problems with the new pack.

How much it will be? Any guess out there….

Tesla is a battery company.

I think the only reason of this upgrade is to kill the argument that fuel cell has longer range. I guess no fuel cell car goes beyond the “nearly 400 miles” the Roadster will then have.

So it doesn’t matter if only 10 clients buy the update. The effect on EV revolution (not just Tesla) to kill one of the last argument in favor of fuel cell is huge!

I don’t think the argument for FCVs was ever really longer range; battery tech advances would make that a short-lived propostion. FCVs’ advantage has always been refuel speed, and that would appear to be the case for a long time.

I think it is more simple than that. They are doing the upgrade because they can. Batteries improved in energy density. So why not upgrade the cars?

Besides being good PR, the key reason is warranty liability. There are Roadster owners with packs with bad modules that Tesla aren’t currently replacing because they don’t want to make Roadster packs.

By making packs with a new cell, they deal with that problem, plus get PR from extending the Roadster range.