Elon Musk Just Deleted Tesla’s Facebook Page


The Facebook page for SpaceX is gone now too.

Elon Musk was very active on Twitter this afternoon, promising the deletion of SpaceX’s Facebook page in the wake of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal.


Few took him seriously, but guess what? The Facebook pages for both Tesla and SpaceX are now gone, as Musk foreshadowed in his Twitter storm.

Each page had millions of followers who are now surely wondering where their beloved page has gone.

Tesla’s page was not a primary source of news, but rather one of the automaker’s few outfits for “advertising.” since it doesn’t do so by conventional means.

SpaceX’s Facebook page was highly active, with an engaged set of followers.

Here’s some of Musk’s recent activity and his promises on Twitter:

Previously, you could see those two now-deleted pages at these links, neither of which are functional anymore:



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Wow, I thought they were official. So who owned them? And how can he take down Facebook pages he doesn’t own?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

With all the facebook data mining going on, I’m surprised there aren’t more corporations exiting FB.

You being surprised, now I find that really surprising!

Keep the Trolls in the trenches mining!

So they were official and Elon was joking when he said they weren’t his.

Really, is “Elon is lying” always your first assumption?

The reasonable conclusion would be that Tesla’s and SpaceX’s public relations teams created the FaceBook pages. Since Elon isn’t on FaceBook, it’s not that surprising he didn’t know about them. He’s the CEO of two busy companies; even Elon doesn’t have time to micromanage everything!

I love how knee jerk our society is. We’ve degraded to a Simpsons like society. So foolish.

It’s all for money in this world for money is the best communication there is. Internet is a communication scam. So what ? What is the conflict ?

The Simpsons once did an Episode entirely centered around Elon Musk.
One of their best episodes ever.
It was several years ago (2015 maybe?), but has fortold a lot of thought to be ludicrous things way prior to official reveal by Tesla:
For example
– Self driving car that looks suspiciously like Model3 or Model Y
– Relanding spacecraft
– Solar roof
– Hyperloop
– Even “Starman” is in there
Check it out on youtube.

Never had a FB page and unless they pay me for the trouble I never will. Been annoyed at the whole premise of FB from day one. Cheers for Elon.



It would be nice to see InsideEVs stop supporting FB as well.

I would love nothing more than to see them go bankrupt (FB).

+1000 FaceF*ck & Zuckerberg are enthusiastic censors of free speech- except for pro- Islam, of course.

I dropped my facebook page over 4 years ago! 🙂 Well, as much as I could. They wouldn’t allow me to completely delete everything. They “hold” it for you in case you come back. (That ain’t happening. )

Forgetting about all of this political drama and data security of recent weeks, facebook has always been a very toxic place to interact with people. And facebook has *never* cared about your privacy.

Wade search google on how the extract your page.

It takes 2 weeks of no logging in connect sites.

Then once your name and likes are gone.

It is gone.

It is gone from FB’s servers (so the company promises).

1) Any 3d-party app you ever used on the platform (e.g., quiz, films you saw, books you read) had access to all your info, and noone has any control or knowledge what that app’s developers did or is doing with the data. FB did have some policy rules on what developers were _supposed_ to be limited to, but never tried to enforce it (nor could they, in practical terms).
2) If you were a FB friend of anyone who used an app, even if you had never heard of the app or used it yourself, the app may have gotten all your data as well using the “Friends API”, unless you specifically turned off a by-default-on flag in the privacy settings that was never explained to users, and virtually none of them did. An estimated 15% of FB apps used this API, and the ability to do so was only turned off sometime in 2015.

Looks like the Ambien is kicking in…

Looks like the trolls are kicking in.

LOL. FacePlant

Never had one, never will.

Good move Elon, Facebook is the worst thing that happened to humanity and is getting darker everyday.

Second worst. ISLAM is no.1

Trump is number 1

You mean religion as a whole

The whole premise of Facebook, and Google, has been to collect your data in exchange for using their service. Initially this data was mostly used to sell you stuff. More recently it has been employed for social manipulation.

The entire internet is broken. It is not just Facebook. Your data is being collected, sold, and used against you. Virtually every website you visit, every app you use, and every tweet you like, and every Google search you make is used to create a profile of who you are.

No doubt right!?!? You mean some company that provides a service for free could be (and likely is) using the data I provide it to make a buck! That’s unacceptable and completely shocking.


Make a buck, sure. Engage in psychological warfare to alter the outcome of elections, not so much.

Maybe you don’t care that American elections are being manipulated by companies that have harvested personal data and detailed psychological profiles of millions of Americans.

Americans who care about the direction our country is going, and/or care about the freedoms and rights guaranteed in our Constitution, do care. If you’re not one of them… well, feel free to move to Russia or some other country where citizens don’t have any rights guaranteed by the government.

You certainly have the right to your opinion Pu-Pu, but I’m curious, were you as outraged about Facebook’s data policies when Obama won 2 terms and the Dems controlled the House and Senate? Surely to goodness you don’t think Republicans are the only political party that makes use of personal data to help their candidates win elections? And would this current story on Facebook even be a story if Hillary had won? I’m just asking questions here.

BTW, I will take issue with one part of your post. Your closing line “rights guaranteed by the government” bothers me a wee bit. Our rights don’t come from the government, so the government can’t guarantee them. Our rights come from our Creator, or if you don’t believe in our Creator, they are natural rights bestowed to all humanity at birth. The government’s function is to protect those rights. Unfortunately, throughout global history, the entity that has infringed upon our natural rights more than any other is government.

I know this is me being very nitpicky, but I am a conservative after all! 🙂

That’s absolute BS
Whatever country you are a citizen of enforces and defends whatever THAT COUNTRY defines and establishes rights you are allowed within that country

Take your conservative BS politics off this forum
It doesn’t belong here

“Initially this data was mostly used to sell you stuff. ”

Yea, now they just use this data to sell you. “You” (aka a bunch of data to represent you) are sold on the internet over and over.

I’m very, very glad I have a strict personal policy of never giving FaceBook any private information. I even used a fake date of birth when I finally, and reluctantly, signed up. It gets annoying having FB asking for my personal phone # every time I sign in, but given the recent news about FB enabling “harvesting” of their customers’ personal data, I’m very glad I have kept refusing!

* * * *

I was gonna praise Elon for taking down Tesla’s FaceBook page, since Tesla relies to heavily on social media for free advertising. But if Elon isn’t even on FB at all, and he wasn’t even aware of the account, then that’s no hardship for him.

Now, if someone suggested to Elon that he should give up his Twitter account… I expect he would have a far different response! 🙂

If you log in to FB from your phone they have your PTN

I’m sure you visit loads of websites where you do share your non-private information, which facebook then gathers through trackers.