Electrify America’s First 350 kW Ultra-Fast Charger Opens Today

APR 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 57

Electrify America announced a set of partners for installations of ultra-fast DC fast chargers at more than 100 major retail, convenience and refueling locations in the U.S.

Electrify America fast charging station

The latest announcement comes on top of the previous about DC fast chargers (also some ultra-fast) at more than 100 Walmart locations, which in total translates to more than 200 stations at 484 locations planned by the end of 2019.

Each station will be equipped with multiple chargers.

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Among the new partners are:

  • Target Corporation
  • Brixmor Property Group
  • Kimco Realty Corporation
  • Sheetz
  • Casey’s General Stores
  • DDR Corporation
  • Global Partners LP’s Alltown

Mark McNabb, President and CEO of Electrify America said:

Electrify America fast charging station – BTC Power chargers

“These partnerships allow for more convenient charging opportunities for EV drivers. We’re purposefully placing our charging stations in locations where people already go, where they are needed, and in places that offer the best customer amenities, such as shopping and food, so that electric vehicle charging is easier and more appealing. We are delighted to partner with these hosts to offer their customers a new on-site service.”

The first ultra-fast charger, certified for 350 kW of power, to be opened on April 25 at Brixmor Property Group’s Chicopee Marketplace, in Chicopee, MA.

“As the first partner to sign with Electrify America to host charging locations, Brixmor Property Group’s Chicopee Marketplace, in Chicopee, MA, will also be the first location to install an Electrify America charging system with the first-ever certified cooled-cable 350kW charger in the United States.

A “First Charging” ceremony will be held at Brixmor’s Chicopee Marketplace at 591 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA on April 25. Brendan Jones, COO of Electrify America and Daren Moss, VP of Operations & Environmental Management, of Brixmor Property Group, will be joined at the event by Chicopee Mayor Richard Kos and Daniel Sieger, assistant secretary for Environment, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

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Is this CCS? Can any EV on the American market today use this?

CCS 1.0 standard limited charging rates to 80 KW. So, that’s physically the max any current car will allow. More likely, they have software limited the rate to 50kW like in the Bolt.

CCS 2.0 limits the rate to 350KW. Expect, the new Jaguar iPace, BMW iX3, and Audi eTron to all support the new 350kW standard in the coming months.

These are exciting times. The location is also perfect. It’s at the intersection of I-90 and I-91. That is essentially the exact mid point on a drive from New York City to Killington, VT.

I dont think the îPace nor the eTron Quattro will be capable of 350kw. According to their press releases it will be 100-150kw max.
As for BMW iX3, you will be waiting a VERY long time before that car actually makes it to production, if at all. I’d say 2023.

iX3 is maybe 18 months away.

i will say 2020

This is so wrong. SAE J1772 DC Level 1 is only rated for 40 kW and is the is getting installed at GM and BMW dealerships. SAE J1772 DC Level 2 is rated for 100 kW and is what the current commercial CCS chargers are.

I’m not sure what the standard is for the 350 kW CCS chargers but it has to be SAE J1772 DC Level 3 or 4.

Lol, TexasLeaf. All the versions we are talking about are for the CCS standard, not for the J1772 plug. So, yes, every DC fast charger out there is level 3.

Look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combined_Charging_System#CCS_1.0

You are completely lost. CCS 1 and CCS 2 relates to whether it’s an American or European standard. Everything I said is correct, CCS is a SAE J1772 DC standard and can be a Level 1 or Level 2 but unless they created a new Level has never been a Level 3.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It’s the “FrankenPlug”.

Texas Leaf, you might need some remedial electrical training. The difference between the US and Europe (often referred to as Type 1 and Type 2) is that European standard supports 3 phases. How does phasing work? The phasing refers to 3 AC signals offset by 120 degrees each. It is a purely AC concept. DC electricity does not have phases.

Every CCS related post here is about DC current. The plug used may notionally be based on the J1772, but you should take a look at it sometime. The only wire from the J1772 used is the ground. For everything else, there are 2 separate pins in the CCS connector – one for positive and one for negative. Positive and Negative are DC. There is no + and – on an AC circuit. They would be hot and neutral in type 1 US, or phase 1, phase2, phase3, neutral in type 2 Europe.

J1772 types are AC phase related. J1772 levels are power related. We are talking about CCS versions. So many concepts. So little texan brain to actually click the link I posted above!

dan, time for more research. Texas Leaf is correct.

Combo plug, j1772 is the regular 110v and 240v plug

Yeah. I want to see how many stalls. I bet they going to put one south near I95

The Bolt is capable of 80 kW charging

The EA network is supposed to be brand agnostic and have CCS and CHAdeMO.

Yes EA network will have both CCS and CHAdeMO. However these stations were in planning before CHAdeMO was updated with faster charging protocols. So all CHAdeMO stations will be initially limited to 50KW but later upgraded.

CCS was designed to be backwards compatible so technically any CCS vehicle can use this station. However there is currently no EV on the market that can fully utilise this capability. Though the Porsche Mission-E when it’s released should be able to utilize about 2/3’s of this stations capability.

Yes, you are correct that initially CHadeMO is limited (via software) to 50 kW and this can be upped to 100 kW on the current cable that’s used for CHadeMO. But once the CHadeMO Association gets 350 kW certification for liquid cooled cable and connector, then 350 kW will be possible.

Midsion e can use full 350 kW.

Nissan is ‘throttling’ their fast charge, Tesla (to a lesser extent) has also. — due to battery longevity concerns.

AFAIK, a 350 KW charger would just be future-proofing, as today’s battery tech couldn’t handle it ,… correct?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Exactly. Else you would need to install new chargers every couple of years. A 350kW charger could be close to all that is ever needed for a car.

Too bad it’s not closer to where I live. I’d like to be able to hook up my Bolt and see the max reported ~55 kW rates in person.
Interested in what Tesla has in store for its SC network in response to the now superior 350 kW CCS stations.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A 200Kw charger…….lol, just a stooopid guess.
I’d be fine with 200Kw for 30mins going 15-85% SOC (who really drives it down to 0% SOC???). That’s long enough to stretch, get something to eat and take a dump.

“I’d be fine…”

But nobody was asking you.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“We’re purposefully placing our charging stations in locations where people already go”

When long distance traveling many people go to rest stops. Sure hope they place some along the freeway rest stops!

Someone has got to partner with the states (or whoever owns and maintains the rest stops) to install EV chargers.

Actually it’s not legal at this time to have fast chargers at rest stops, because that is ‘selling’, which is illegal. Just FYI.

It’s legal at rest stops that pre-date the Highway Beautification Act of (I think) 1961. For example Mass Pike, NYS Thruway, and NJ Tpk.

Yes, correct. Basically the line is those rest stops on turnpikes (private roads) and those rest areas on Federal highways.

Ah, so a new feature is also censoring articles you don’t like. I See.

I guess nobody will be able to drive across the Northern States.

Agreed. No joy on I-90 from Seattle eastbound.

Nope go through i80 to PCH and go north to seattle

Unless they drive a Tesla no doubt lol

People already drive through such places using other infrastructure.

I am skeptical that there is going to be an Electrify America charging station getting activated in Chicopee Marketplace tomorrow. If there was a charging station at Chicopee Marketplace someone would have posted something about it on PlugShare. There is however on PlugShare what appears to be an Electrify America station going up at the Market of Wolfcreek in Memphis, TN.

It’s on Plugshare. Located in a commercial plaza with lots of amenities not far off I-90 near the Westover Airport.

Somebody just added the Chicopee Marketplace station on PlugShare. No pictures and no check-ins yeti.. i’m still skeptical.

It’s there at Chicopee, but I’ve learned via email with Electrify America that the planned event for tomorrow is being rescheduled. Not sure why.

Do we have any idea what the price structure will be?

Good Question !

I’d love to know how the 💰💰💰 money is being spent

No. But I’m guessing they will have pricing similar to EVgo and Tesla, around $0.25 – $0.30 per kWh.
EVgo bills by the minute, but that about what their pricing comes out to if figuring a high charge rate of ~44 kW.

VAPORWARE!!! For vaporware manufacturers and vaporware EVs.

I think history will show that two of the best things to happen for the electrification of vehicles across the world is Tesla and Diesel gate. In the next few years VW will be selling 10 times more electric vehicles than Tesla. Tesla and VW survival depends on the sale of electric vehicles.

Wheres locayed? Off the interstate highway. Near a apartment condos, retail center?

Target is good. Not so crowded as Walmart. But those property groups not good because they are gated. Only residents have access. Anyone knows where they will be installed along the highway?

I’m heading over there after work today. I’ll post findings on Plugshare.

I checked plug share and Interstate 81 in Virginia outside of Roanoke VA and a place a few miles north of Baltimore are getting these ultra powerful chargers.

How I could tell was they were building four to six CSS and Chamo chargers all at once.

Actually the one north of Baltimore at the Spoppes at Nottingham is an EVgo installation of 6 of the new smaller profile BTC fast chargers, and they are still the 50 kW ones, FYI. The only 50+ kW fast chargers in the U.S. are the ones that Electrify America is rolling the last couple weeks, and there are three known locations currently, April 26th 2018, that are on PlugShare.

Humpf: Looks like absolutely nothing in ‘Upstate NY’. To me, NYC doesn’t count – since that place is so much different than where I live in Western NY that Chicago actually is the city most like where I live. Not that much further away, either.

I took a look at the pics and comments on PlugShare. Looks like the units aren’t actually active yet. But, there are three 150kw CCS units, four 350kw CCS units, and one 50kw Chademo. Great to see they’re not wasting much effort on chademo. It’s a dead-man-walking in the US.

This is great.
Quote=Electrify America’s First 350 kW Ultra-Fast Charger Opens Today

Yes, great news, but the ceremony has been scheduled for an as yet unknown date. Should be within a few days tho.

I would like to see peak charging rates for all EVs on these greater than 200A capable chargers.