Electric Toyota Aygo In The Works?

OCT 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 25

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

According to media reports, the next generation of Toyota Aygo could be all-electric.

Currently the Aygo is produced in partnership with PSA Group in the Czech Republic, as one of the JV’s triplets (Toyota Aygo, Peugeot 108, Citroen C1).

The Aygo is classed as a “city car” and has been offered by Toyota in Europe since 2005, with the 2nd generation released in mid-2014.

Auto Express states that the shift to plug-in status for the Aygo could also end the long standing deal with French company, as the car would then be a purpose-built EV only.

Specifit to the Avgo when asked it could be an all-electric offering in the future, Toyota’s European President & CEO Johan van Zyl said to Auto Express:

“Yes, that’s going to be very interesting. Will people use vehicles which will completely emissions-free in certain areas? We see a stronger growth of that type of thinking in cities where they’re saying, ‘We’d rather have emissions-free vehicles so it should be a plug-in or a pure-electric vehicle.’”

Toyota is clearing seeing the possibility of electrification for its smallest A-segment car, at the very least for regions that are quickly stipulating there will be no other viable options.

Toyota’s European President & CEO Johan van Zyl said:

“We already have some electric vehicles undergoing trials here in Europe – short-range, inner-city transport. So I think that in the future, if you look at that spectrum of technologies that we offer, then EVs will be part of that.”

“The sharing economy is one of the shining economies. That, in cities, might be the direction. But it’s also a difficult business model to make work, because at the end of the day, whether somebody is sharing or using it, somebody has to pay for it. The asset must be funded. It’s an interesting business model but not an easy one.”

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo

source: Auto Express

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About time! Toyota really need to do this. The world is about to switch to electric vehicles faster than anyone can imagine. If they don’t start working on EVs soon they will go the way of the dodo. Yeah they are one of the biggest manufacturers today but that can change quickly if they keep betting on the losing horse hydrogen.

They were using electric drivetrain for 19 years now, in a car that sold much better than any niche battery-only car. It just has Atkinson cycle ICE in addition that makes range/price/usability acceptable to general public.

Neither their publicly revealed long-term strategy excludes battery-only cars. They always declared that it makes sense to use this tech for more local transportation, smaller city cars.

Has hell frozen over?

A mini car?
Meh, IMHO they should’ve spun up the RAV4 EV at a more reasonable price.

A small SUV will sell quick with the right price. Not like the Compliance one they had with Tesla………$49K? WTF????

If Toyota brought back Rav4EV with even 130 miles freeway range (160 miles EPA) at $35K post subsidy, that could do some serious damage to Bolt, maybe even to Tesla 3. Fortunately for GM and Tesla, Toyota won’t let that happen.

By the way, was Rav4EV the quickest Rav4 in 0-60? I think it was!

R4 EV’s are still going strong and a company is even adding chamo chargers to them.

I really think Toyata is really missing out with out having a electric Toyata RV4.

Toyota’s no longer selling Rav4EV, so I don’t know what you mean by going strong. Company that makes Rav4EV work with Chademo is not Toyota, but the most brilliant EV aftermarket company in the world, quick charge power. The product is called JDemo.


The RAV4 EV wasn’t a Toyota for all practical purposes — it was an EV conversion using Tesla.
Only 2600 were made (exactly the number needed for CARB compliance, and not a single one more, the way Toyota announced in advance they would do it). It was sold in California only. Toyota didn’t even bother learning anything about EV drivetrains from the project.

Let me guess, are you a USian?
Such urban cars sell several times more in most of Europe than pretend-offroad vehicles like the RAV4.

PSA certainly needs such a car, to complete with the next-gen VW Polo (there will likely also be a cheaper Skoda version) and similar city EVs.

That would be the most idiotic way to enter the EV market. A car that is small, cheap looking, not very practical, but also very expensive and probably will have a small battery. Why don’t they do what works and just copy Tesla’s strategy with a premium EV ?

Teslas strategy is a great strategy for Tesla…
The world however only needs so many Teslas and now Mercedes and BMW will be competing with them at the top end in a couple of years…
I have to question the Chinese startups who are taking Teslas blueprint to start at the top now that there is competion…
People who spend 100k on a car are not going to be buying a Toyota…
Toyota makes cheap cars pricewise for the masses that is who and what they are…

But the questions are the same for them as all other legacy auto companies Nissan excluded in will they stock it and try to sell it at a fair price??
Toyota is one of the most anti EV companies so far and would rather you buy a fuel cell car powered by cracked coal…

The regular Toyota Aygo seems to be very popular in Sweden, I see them everywhere. An EV version with decent specs at a decent price should sell very well.

No, this is EXACTLY what Toyota are good at, supplying economical reliable small cars to the masses.
What’s more, THIS is the car that will bring EV ownership to the masses!
Everybody might aspire to owning a Tesla, but most would only be able to afford a Toyota…

Toyota – bring RAV4 as EV or at least plug-in car ( @least 100KM EV range!) – and you will be shocked how many you will sell of them

Ditto for CorollaVerso (availble in Europe)

Total joke – as usual – Toyota is just a sad mess.

Yup. Reminds me of GM. 😉

They are also the BIGGEST car manufacturer in the world…

So… if it comes out in the US, it would maybe be an i-Miev, Spark EV and Smart ED competitor?

How retro! Maybe they will market it on Nostalgia for the early days of electrification.

Clearly, Toyota still doesn’t get it, nor do I think that they will get after having built this car that I suspect the other partners are demanding as they drop the rebranded Mitsubishi iMiev.

Wherever they can eek out government cash for hydrogen and meet regulatory emission requirements around the world, I suspect Toyota will stick with hydrogen.

Here are some of Toyota’s past EV efforts:

1) Scion iQ EV – 38 miles EPA range, fleet lease only to meet CARB-ZEV fleet rules, less than 100 total built. This is the only “in-house” EV effort to date that consumers could actually drive.

2) Toyota RAV4 EV – 103 miles EPA average 80% to 100% charge state, less than 2600 built, strictly for CARB-ZEV compliance, militant control of dealers to restrict sales to California only, All EV drivetrain designed and manufacturered by Tesla.

Toyota gets it…
They all get it they just dont like it and there efforts generaly reflect it…
Legacy auto companies are all most fuly invested in ICE tech and changing from the status quoe is dangerous to all of there business models…

… and someone has to take the losses of 80% less cars produced in the future. Nobody wants to be the looser in this game, but some have to be.

We are talking about European market. A-segment has a clear purpose, driving around european cities. And for that 100 miles of range is enough. These cars are uncomfortable at freeway speeds (80-85mph in most of Europe) and for drives longer than one hour at a time.

Current VW e-Up has 75 miles of range from a 18kWh battery. Upgrade that to 25 to 30 kWh and you have the technology needed for success. The only thing to work on from that point on is the price.

The luxury segment is ready for mainstream EV because you don’t need to worry about the price.

The A segment is the next to be ready for mainstream EV, because it needs the smallest battery and will therefore be the first to reach a acceptable price.

“A-segment has a clear purpose, driving around european cities. And for that 100 miles of range is enough”

No. Europeans don’t have city cars. They want their cars to be able to drive to the next city just as easily. For strict city travel we prefer public transport and two-wheelers.

Toyota needs to swallow their pride and give up to Elon