Electric Samba Project: The eSamba Attempts A 266 Mile Trip – Video

JUL 19 2015 BY JAY COLE 8

Can a mixed bag of re-purposed electric vehicle and laptop batteries, fitted into a Volkswagen Samba on a budget, make a 266 mile trip?  That is the question of the day in the latest “Electric Samba Project” Video.

Volkswagen eSamba And Friend

Volkswagen eSamba And Friend

Jehu Garcia describes the journey (and destination) as follows:

“In this long awaited episode, we struggle with internal battles about whether we can claim success as we tackle the 266 miles trip to this years (2015) Buses by Bridge event in Lake Havasu, Arizona earlier in the year. We also take a closer look at some of the activities of this yearly tradition, which include a chili cook-off contest, as well as a corn hole tournament which competition is stiff for every year, and of course the hot air balloons that fill the skies during the weekend.”

As always the video journey we are taken on is first class.

Check out more episodes of the eSamba getting to this point here.

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Stiff competition for the cornhole contest? Lol.

Very interesting project, JEHU.

I always thought the old 6 volt VW microbus would make an excellent conversion candidate, in fact, at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a person whose day job is a VW mechanic took a Microbus with a blown engine, and like yourself put a DC brushed motor in with a 50 kwh battery.

I assume you usually charge at roughly 30 amps AC.

Oh I now see it would be 22-24 amps depending on the model selected.

Excellent way to make an old bus reliable.

Sooth drive.

Almost all EVs have sooth drive.

Great DIY VW EV Bus documentary. Really enjoyed it. 🙂

Hey, Jehu, saw a video of you and Samba last year, glad to see you stuck with it and got it finished!

Hey this looks familiar! I did a similar trip in my 1980 electravan… I have a not so polished blog at electravanroadtrip.wordpress.com